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6 Things You Need To Stop Bragging About Immediately


bragging | Recruiter

It is human nature to brag, so it is not uncommon that now and then we brag about some things (that includes things we shouldn’t even be talking about). More often than not, the things we boast about to look good only makes us look worse to people.

Bragging hurts your shine and your accomplishment is not a badge of honour to flash in people’s faces.

Here are seven things most people brag about that they need to stop.

Being a multi-tasker
When you flaunt you can multi-task in people’s faces, they may see it as your way of saying “I’m constantly distracted.” Research conducted at Stanford University says, “Nobody is good at multitasking”. According to the research, multitasking reduces productivity, takes a toll on your attention and memory. The Stanford team also discovered that heavy multi-taskers also lack insight. The heaviest multitaskers thought they were doing a good job, but, in reality, they performed worse than their peers did.

Being a 24/7 hustler
We get that you are hardworking but we do not need a constant reminder of how much of a workaholic you are constantly. Hustling every day does not guarantee success so if you live by such internet memes like “Grind while they sleep,” “Let them party while you work,” and others, you are doing yourself more harm than good.

According to researchers from the University of Bergen, “Workaholism frequently co-occurs with ADHD, OCD, anxiety, and depression”. Rather than be a workaholic, you can focus more on being productive.

Being a perfectionist
Although it is okay to be a perfectionist about some things, studies have shown that perfectionists tend to burn out faster than others do. Being a perfectionist involves setting unrealistic high standards for yourself and in return, you struggle with work done because you never quite measure up.

Never failed
When you boast to people that you have never failed, what you are really saying is “I don’t challenge myself and I’m afraid I can’t handle failure.”

There is a world of difference between trying to succeed and avoiding failure. People who shy away from failing to fail to better themselves and their motivation stem from a desire to fuel their ego rather than a true interest in personal development. Rather than brag about never failing, you can talk about how you have turned your mistakes into opportunities.

Your job
Your loved ones or people you come in contact with don’t want to hear about how great your job is every time they try to have a conversation with you, Just as job fairs are nowhere near as fun as actual fairs, hearing about your awesome place of work is as enjoyable as a mundane workday.

Hardly ever sleeping
We have all met people who talk about how they can efficiently function despite having little or no sleep. When people brag about their ability to be productive with little or no sleep, what they are really saying is, “sleep deprivation is killing me.”
That little sleep and being productive goes hand in hand has been promoted by many successful celebrities and but glorifying a lack of rest is a strange phenomenon. The truth is that your brain needs sufficient sleep to function at its best and sleep deprivation is linked to poor cognitive function. You see why bragging about sleep deprivation is not in your best interest?

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