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Uber Driver Think About You? – Uber drivers give us the gist

Transportation in the 21th century has been totally transformed by Uber. The American company functions through an app, which allows users with smartphones to request trips. The software program automatically sends the Uber driver to the nearest consumer, as the driver is sent to the location of the passenger. A modern day luxury taxi, which gives the driver and passenger flexibility, sounds brilliant right? This essentially means that as an Uber driver you get to be your own boss, so you pick up all sorts of passengers daily.  Anyone should be able to find a driver as long as you have a smartphone, Internet connection and some money.

Ten out of ten people who use Uber regularly have many things to say about Uber drivers. Most times we never really get to hear the other side of the story, what really goes on between Uber drivers and their passengers from the driver’s perspective?  We spoke to six Uber drivers and you’d be surprised to hear what they have to say about you.


Uber drivers are extremely terrified of your bad ratings.

“A rider asked to smoke marijuana in my car, when I said no he threatened to give me a bad rating”- Wale age 40

The rating system in the app is an interesting feature, which is supposed to keep both the driver and passenger in check. You get assess your driver and he gets to rate you too, the only difference is when he gets a bad rating, the company kicks him out of the system permanently while you get suspended temporarily. According to the drivers, some passengers threaten to give them bad ratings when they’re having a bad day! And sometimes ask to do illegal things in their car (Like smoke marijuana) and then get threatened with ratings when they refuse.


Uber drivers get significantly more female riders daily.

“Women bring all their household problems into my car. If she’s fighting with her boyfriend, she’s fighting with you too.”- Michael age 30

It is true that females tend to be more emotional them men but Uber drivers also claim that females are also likely to be much more unfriendly then men. They explain experiencing frequent scenarios where females carry their personal issues into the driver’s car and this creates a very awkward setting for both the driver and the rider. Michael explains, “Seven out of ten of my riders are women. Naturally they do not want to interact with you because you’re a stranger. They treat you as an inferior and forget that just because you’re an Uber driver doesn’t mean you actually drive for a living.”


Passengers ask for all kinds of favours.

“Can you please be my personal Uber driver?”-  Abiola age 28

Technically, the relationship between you and your Uber driver should be over once the drop off has been completed and he goes off to the next trip, but many riders ask for additional services. Three out of the six drivers complained that riders sometimes ask you to become their personal Uber driver, some ask if they can pay for the trip later, while others ask to speed so they won’t have to pay more money (Uber takes distance into consideration).


Uber drivers put their lives at risk.

“I had a rider who had requested the Uber to a strange location, it was really dark and I realised I was about to be robbed so I zoomed off when he asked me to get down the car”- Lekan age 47

As Uber drivers pick up the passengers by following the locations, it is impossible to know the type of area and rider you’re going to meet until you get there. What if your rider is at a dodgy location and has illicit plans for you and your vehicle? Two of Uber drivers described a situation where a rider attempted to rob the driver and collect his car at gunpoint.  


Perhaps Uber drivers are not as bad as they are painted to be sometimes, but it would be helpful on both parts to remember that a peaceful and enjoyable Uber experience comes from clear communication and cooperation from both parties. Of course the rider’s needs come first but we can’t forget to take our manners along into some one else’s car, especially when the driver is in charge of your life.




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