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Who Is An Independent Woman?

Though different people would have different perceptions of whom an Independent Woman is or should be, some descriptions would be reviewed.

A woman who pays her own bills, buys her own things, and DOES NOT allow a man to affect her stability or self-confidence. A woman who supports herself on her own entirely and is proud to be able to do so could be seen as being independent.

An independent woman knows what she feels, says what she really believes, and lives true to her own values. She owns her own power and looks out for herself. She is independent at all levels – she can make her own money, follow her own path, and be her own best friend. She never would need a man to feel beautiful, loved or complete. She loves herself as she is. She is of herself, of her achievements, of her life and of her person but never egocentric.

Let’s review the characteristics that actually earn her the title of an Independent Woman.

  • She gets a handle on the practical things. She operates in the real world which means being able to do a variety of things on her own—from filing taxes to investing to finding a good property dealer. Being able to handle such things helps her be more self-effective and gives her the confidence that she can make things happen for herself. Lots of women don’t invest because in most cases, they haven’t seen their mothers do it. But she understands that she needs to consciously learn things that don’t come naturally.
  • She’s honest in relationships. Women, generally, value their relationships to the point where they go along a rather long distance just to get along. They are not willing to state their truth if it upsets someone else. They pretend to be what they are not so that they will be liked by their friends. All this takes so much of their energy and depletes who they are at the core. What’s the point of a relationship or a friendship where you can’t be who you are, where you feel uncomfortable saying what you really think? The Independent Woman is not so, she gets really honest by confronting things and looking reality in the face. She says what she thinks. She states what she needs. She understands that her relationships should support her, not drain her.
  • She sets boundaries at work. Women have a tendency to mix emotions with work. As a result, they might end up taking on more than what’s fair, please people to an extent that harms them and encroaches on their time, and finally not get fairly paid for the work they do thereby giving their power away. They do not ask for more money although they know they are being paid less than the market price. They do other people’s work and get no credit for it. They are naive about tricky situations. They are scared that there might not be anything better out there for them. With the Independent Woman, it is totally different. She changes jobs just so she can get paid fairly. If she realizes she is not getting credit that’s rightly hers, she figures out ways to get it. She speaks up when the work’s hers. Does assignments that gives her more visibility. She does whatever it takes to change a situation in order to favour her.
  • She works on finding a healthy relationship. What’s stopping the average woman from finding a great relationship? The Independent woman knows she’s good enough so she doesn’t choose to be with men that reinforces that belief. The independent woman gets honest with herself about why she doesn’t have the kind of relationship she really wants. She never sees herself as inferior or not lovable, she never sees herself as not deserving of the best.  She knows her worth and does things that increase her self-esteem. Though all of this takes work and energy and commitment, she does it to get okay with herself. And really have a self to share with someone else. She chooses who she wants to be with, the kind of man that she wouldn’t be a burden to and who wouldn’t control her life, yet submissive enough to meet his needs so far it doesn’t encroach on her personal life and work. She doesn’t need a man in whose shadows or successes she could hide, she loves the spotlight being on her, yet she gives the man the chance to be the man where and when necessary. She’s open to suggestions if in any way it would be helpful to her social, religious, occupational and personal life.
  • She never moves with the crowd. The independent woman is very unique in every sense of the word. She respects trends but never go with them because the rest of the women are in it. She creates her own fashion, style and makes other women go with it instead of perching on an already invented style. She does things not because others do them but because she wants to and also because she’s comfortable with them. In fact, she’s a trend setter, a role model, an icon to every other woman, young and old. Her uniqueness is evident not only in fashion, but in carriage, appearance, speech, attitude and personal relationships with people.

In plain words, an independent woman is elegant in carriage and personality, beautiful at heart and dealings with people, intelligently brainy, attractive, unique, confident, responsible, outspoken, a motivator and every other adjective that could describe her person.

She is a confident self-motivated woman who takes responsibility for her actions and never blames the rest of the world for her mistakes or her downfalls. Her pride doesn’t get in the way if she ever needs a helping hand.

A woman, who is stubborn, rude, lonely and always saying that she is an independent woman, needs to stop lying to herself and the people around her because a woman does not need to be bossy, or egocentric or even self-assertive to be independent.

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