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12 Signs You’ve Met Prince Charming

Meeting “the one” doesn’t always look like a romantic movie. Your meet likely didn’t happen as you were almost hit by a car, and your soon-to-be lover pushed you out of the way. Or stayed friends for years and it took that event to happen before you knew you were in love.

You probably have never chased after your partner in the pouring rain to stop them from leaving you. And most likely, no one has ever stood outside your window with a boom box, singing at the top of his or her lungs. Probably because no one even has a boom box anymore.

You know it’s not all about setting up the big screens and having your name scroll across it, or walking down the basketball hall and holding a placard that reads I Love You, Please Be My Girlfriend/Wife.

Love is unique and personal. Love is freedom. And it’s more than okay to have your own love story. Yes make your own and forget about Romeo and Juliet or Jack and Rose.

Maybe it didn’t take you a big life event to realize you were with “the one.” Maybe you knew from the beginning because you’ve never been treated with such kindness and respect. Maybe it was those morning “I love you” texts that made you realize you had something special. Or maybe it was those butterflies that flew into your heart and never went away. Or maybe it had to be that 1st of January encounter. You know the happy new year package. And yeah it didn’t take you till November to know that love had been knocking on your door.

Knowing that you’re with a great person is one thing. But knowing you’ve met “the one,” the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, is on another level entirely.

Because we know alot of people get easily carried away and swept off their feet, we have put together signs that will most possibly help you know when you’ve hit that level. These signs will leave you standing firm on your feet, eyes open and heart dancing, because that is how to fall in love.

1. You can be absolutely free around him. You don’t have an issue with being yourself. You know for all you ladies who have bra issues and you don’t mind adjusting or scratching those boobs in his presence, then you are cool.

The good, the bad and the “I’m hungover and haven’t showered in 3 days” ugly moments are the ones he looks forward to seeing, without necessarily judging you.

2. You’ve worked through your old relationship pattern. It is common to develop a relationship pattern that does not lead to the fulfillment of your goals in love. Once you have taken the time necessary to figure out the source of why you attract particular men, you will be on the way to changing the type of person you are normally attracted to in relationships. Forming an emotionally healthy view of commitment leads to men you may have disregarded in the past, but now you see through new eyes their potential as viable choices.

3. He communicates his feelings clearly. He does not make you guess why he’s having a bad day and does not allow you to wonder if it was something you did or did not do. He does not take out his frustration at someone else on you. Likewise, you do not take everything he says or does not say so personally that you end up in a funk if he does not always respond perfectly in every situation. You are able to approach hot topic subjects such as money, sex, and family issues without fear of retaliation.

4. You feel like the luckiest person in the world.


When you feel like the luckiest person in the world to have found one other, you’re on the right path. You might not believe it but it’s true. The strongest and happiest of couples feel in awe of their partner. They see his or her great qualities and uniqueness, and feel incredibly grateful. Your Instagram feed is probably filled with a lot of this: #blessed. Your PMs have changed to #Grateful. You find yourself looking at your phone 20 times a day and those calls, text messages, DMs, pings and smiles are never too far from you.

5. He is trustworthy. He does not place himself in situations which could lead you to question his faithfulness. He is honorable, responsible, timely and keeps his word. If he says he will pick you up at 7 p.m. for your date, he is there at 6:59 p.m. And this is truly how he is, not like he is trying to impress you or anything.

6. He is a man of faith. He knows that life has challenges that require faith to give one the courage and strength to persevere. He does not place his identity on what he does for a living, but places his confidence in the man he is through faith. He has high integrity and leads by example, striving to be a positive role model at work, with you and in all his relationships.

7. He is a good friend. If not your best friend already. He knows the importance of spending quality time together to nurture relationships. You share not only love, but a sincere desire to be with each other. He is dependable and reliable as your friend. He has good common sense about who to let in his inner circle and who to consider as an acquaintance. He is friendly and is free with a helping hand, an encouraging word and his smile. He is not one to run out and tell the world your innermost secrets, desires and fears. He knows when to listen to you when you want to just vent about a particular challenge. Or you know those moments you just want to rant because ranting is ok. The right man can give you his advice without it sounding like he’s trying to make the decision for you.

8. He knows his priorities in life. Your Prince Charming knows there is more to life than work, but is not a slacker. He values his employment but knows where to draw the line when it is couple time. You never have to guess your top placement in his life and his commitment to your relationship, because you know he will always place you above.

9. You have the same relationship goals. You have mutually agreed on big (and not so challenging) issues such as long term commitment, children, faith, career goals, family holidays, vacation spots and where to live. He is willing to make decisions with you and not for you. You might not really agree on what dog to have or what blog to read, but when it comes to major issues, you both are holding the winning hand.

You know you’ve met your better half when you want to walk similar paths in this thing we call life.

10. Your mutual love is not conditional. You do not have the sense that his love for you is performance based. You want to make each other happy because it is a strong desire of your heart, not because you have a list of things that must be done to win him over day after day.

11. Love isn’t just enough. Even though you both are madly in love, you know it isn’t just what this relationship has to offer you. You feel supported by your partner, you feel secure, you feel respected, you feel fulfilled. Love alone doesn’t carry a relationship. You need more than that, and guess what, luckily, you’ve found it.

12.A good partner is one that accepts you for who you are. A great partner, on the other hand, accepts you and loves you for who you are, but also pushes you to be your best. You know you’ve met the ultimate better half when they make you want to be better.

He wants to marry you! Best of all, your Prince Charming is not afraid of commitment and does not have the let’s-live-together-and-see-what-happens mentality when it comes to your relationship. He is clear about his intention to marry you and making you happy. By the way this was just an addition.

Knowing the signs of Mr. Right is just as important as knowing what to avoid in love. So be wise.


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