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7 Gifts You Should Not Give Your Man This Valentine

The way the world has made Valentine’s day about just the ladies, forgetting that men also have feelings and needs. Please darlings lets not make this the situation this year. Inasmuch as guys are not all demanding and out there, they need more than the fancy pens and headsets you bought down the road.

It’s 6 days to go and forget about if he wants to go to all the church services, choir practice and house fellowships on Sunday, deep down he wants something great from you his beautiful lady.  That’s why we have put together a list of gifts that should be far from your heads this valentine’s season.

1. Boxers: The way girls have made boxers the cliche valentine’s day gift for their better halves, it’s disturbing. Come on darlings, you have every other Sunday in the year to gift him boxers, whether white, brown or red, do something different this year.

2. A Cake: Lovelies you can save the cakes for his birthday and Christmas please not valentine’s day. If he is a cake person, be sure to add something extra nice to that white and red cake you are about to send to his house or bring to dinner come Sunday.

3. Vests: Some people might say vests are cheap gifts that’s why they shouldn’t be given. We say your man has got a closet overflowing with vests please buy him something different and less expected. You know a brother wears things other than vests. There are shirts, pant trousers, ground shaking shoes. You don’t mean to tell us that it’s the last set of vests you bought him last year that he is rocking. Get the point?

4. The cookie in the nookie: But of course ladies feel like this is the best gift to give a man on this special day. He has seen, tasted, touched, kissed, parted, names. Try serve him this on a day that isn’t the 14th of February ok? And please don’t even try to play it as your last card either. If all roads lead to the nookie fine, but if not, ain’t nothing wrong with a little pillow fight, getting the sheets rumpled and then drifting to dreamland. He might just want an actual cookie and not your natural cookie.

5. Leave the bottle of champagnes for the anniversaries (first kiss, first date, first blink, first smile), take him out to somewhere he can get a beer. Might sound a little off, but sometimes we need to step down from our very high ‘giraffes’ and do something less exotic.

6. No stuffed animals please. Enough with trying to turn his house into a zoo. Let a man at least have space to put his head when he lays to sleep at night. He might not be complaining but a routine gets boring. Try something new.

7. Definitely no picture frames. He has his phone to save the pictures ok. And just if you feel like you can still pull this trick right, lets tip you on how to do it. This time not just a heart frame will do, try getting a personalized frame features your name and your significant other’s name in handwritten style, plus the year and a set of sweet “hugs and kisses” embellishments. Add your favorite photo of the two of you together and you’ll have a romantic gift you can both actually enjoy.

Don’t forget to take out the price tags okay? A brother doesn’t need to know how much his gift item is worth, no matter how expensive.

Source: Therealgist

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