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Are You A Kind Person? Take This Quiz To Find Out

According to Psychologies UK, “Kindness opens our capacity for thoughtfulness, helping to enrich our relationships and bring peace to the communities we live in.” Sometimes, life can get really busy and it’s really easy to get selfish and focus only on yourself. Doing a random act of kindness goes a long way every now and then! Take this quiz and find out how kind you’ve been lately.

If you see a 500 Naira note on the floor in a shop do you…
A. Give it to the cashier and hope it gets to the rightful owner.
B. Ask the nearest person if it belongs to them; if it doesn’t then you put it in your pocket.
C. Put it in your pocket.

Your grandpa gives you a call and leaves you a message, you…
A. Call back right away.
B. Wait a few days then call back.
C. Wait for him to call you back.

You see a homeless person begging for change, you…
A. Give them the sandwich you were going to eat, they need it more.
B. Give them some spare 10 – 50 Naira change.
C. I don’t carry change around.


An elderly person gets on the bus and all the seats are taken; you…
A. Offer up your seat.
B. Wait a few seconds, someone usually offers their seat.
C. Are we supposed to offer our seats to elderly people?

If someone asks for directions you…
A. Help them. You’ll even take out your phone to make sure they’re going the right way.
B. Try and help them to the best of your knowledge.
C. Tell them you don’t know.

You’re at a party and you notice that someone is sitting alone, what do you do?
A. Introduce yourself and lead them to where the party is.
B. Ask them where they’re from and start a conversation.
C. Leave them alone, it’s not your business.

You and your friends are sharing a plate of plantain, and there’s only one left…
A. You let someone else take it.
B. Wait a good few minutes, if no one’s taken it, you take it.
C. You take it because it’s getting cold!

If a good friend gets into a fight with their best friend, and no longer want to be friends, what do you do?
A. Do everything I can to help them become friends again!
B. See if they can work it out on their own, but help if needed.
C. Why should I care?

Your colleague talks very loudly on the phone, you…
A. Leave your desk when they make phone calls if you can.
B. Put your headphones on to drown them out.
C. Tell them to keep their voice down or leave.

The traffic light changes and the car behind you starts beeping furiously. You…
A. Think, ‘this person must be in a hurry’ and hit the accelerator.
B. Think, ‘there’s yet another super-stressed person in the world.
C. Call them every name under the sun.


Mostly As – You’re extremely kind, maybe a little too kind. Try not to overdo it, so you don’t become a pushover.
Mostly Bs – You’re kind enough, but try to go the extra mile sometimes, as you might need someone to return the favour one day.
Mostly Cs – You need to do some acts of kindness once in a while, you’re definitely in the selfish lane.

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