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Getting The Perfect Look For A First Date

Since you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, here’s a guide men should refer to when selecting their date night attire. Asking the woman you like on a date is a task, and just by doing so, you have crossed the first hurdle successfully. But now don’t let all your efforts go down the drain by dressing up shabbily for your big date.
Here are a few tips you should keep in mind.
Keep it minimal 
Keep everything ‘simple’, Don’t go over the top with your attire. Keep everything to a bare minimum, yet add in some charm. Stay away from suits. A linen shirt with a pair of denim is always good to go. The first meeting isn’t meant to set a fashion trend.
Wear something that fits well 
Stick to basic style but pay attention to fit. Ditch those jeans and pick a pair of chinos, if you want to feel casual. wearing baggy jeans may have been cool in the 90’S, but that time has passed, so please wear something that fits you well.
Shoes are very important 
Girls analyze a man from head to toe so the shoes you wear are very important. A pair of loafers or moccasins is the best choice for the evening. Avoid those sporty looking sneakers as well. Boat shoes or leather also help you gain brownie points.
Jackets are an option 
Jackets makes a man look smart and attractive, so why miss a chance to throw on a jacket? If you are dressing up casually, you can sport a bomber jacket or an understated leather one. Else a wool pea coat is appropriate if you have worn formal. And with winter around, your date might be shivering in cold. You can lend your jacket and fix another date to get it back.
No tie 
Ties are not necessary unless you are meeting her at a cocktail party, keep ties and bows at bay.
Be clean 
You have to look presentable at all times, girls love men that are clean, especially their body. On the first date she tries to notice if you have bad breath or body odor. no girl wants to be with a rough man so therefore you have to clip your fingernails, shave that beard off, and take a nice long bath, brush your teeth and tongue thoroughly. If you have dandruff, dark colored shirt or black blazer is a big no no. These are factors to consider if you want a goodnight kiss at the end of the date.
Smell good 
Most women love a man with a memorable cologne. Try your regular cologne and don’t experiment with smells. Make sure the cologne isn’t too strong to knock her unconscious. Nice perfumes will draw her closely to you wen you walking her close to her doors.
Final word, try out a black slim fit trousers with grey blazer. This would go perfectly for a romantic candlelight dinner. You can also try casual black jacket with denims and black T-shirt for a more casual movie or a dinner date. For a night about out, you can try a single button waistcoat with a simple shirt or try out wine color shirt and a wine color tie with a black slim fit trousers if you plan to hit the club at the end of the night. For a more sophisticated look, you can try out black gala shirts with denims for creating a lasting impression on your date. Dress smart and clean and you will get her knocking at your door.
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