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How To Set Your Goals For The Year

It is never too late to set your goals for the year and endeavor not to look at this as a resolution but as a step to becoming the person you want to become in the future. The origin of new year resolutions began during the same period as the New Year celebrations in pre- Christian times. It began with the Babylonians in March but was changed to January by the Romans.

During this period in Rome two millennia ago, they made New Year resolutions with a moral flavor: mostly to be good to others, they also made promises to their gods to return borrowed objects and pay their debts. But when the Roman Empire took Christianity as its official state religion in the 4th century, these moral intentions were replaced by prayers and fasting. As this tradition has evolved, people set goals, attitudes they hope to change, people they would like to connect with or disconnect with, assets they would like to gain, the list is endless but all in the aim to achieve the ‘New Year, New Me’ factor.

Instead of making new year resolutions we advice you to set your goals for the year that you can actually achieve and follow through.

Develop Life Goals

You need to ask yourself the following questions;  What do I want to be known for? Were do I see myself long term? Usually people have a vague idea of what they want in the future, start with answering this question and you can wrap your head around the life goals you need to set. Get a memo or a book and write all the plans you hope to achieve for yourself. This is the first part to setting your goals for the year.

Make Specific And Realistic Goals

You probably have written a novel on your life goals but at this point you have to be as specific and as realistic as you can get with the goals you have in mind. You need to be specific with your goals, what do I want? What do I want to achieve? How am I going to achieve this or that? At this point you probably have strong contenders on your life goals list, examine each one and ask yourself: “why do I want that?” this may lead you to revise your goals and streamline it to the core life goals you would be working with this year.

Create A Timeline

Rank your goals according to the level of importance, be honest with yourself, if your plan is to become known in a certain field, you have to create a timeline based on your current assessment on where you are in the path to achieving the goal. It might involve getting a degree, becoming an intern, getting a certain level exposure and then creating a startup, all this should be stated in your timeline. Plan your upcoming days and weeks before they start, a predetermined set of goals or tasks you need to accomplish for the day and a collective task that has to be accomplished by the end of the week.  You need to be time conscious with these goals, which brings us to the next point.

Work On Your Goals Consistently

Your goals are not restricted to a certain aspect of your life, therefore this list would have various aspects that need to be worked on, so work tirelessly and endlessly on your goals. Being conscious of your timeline would motivate you to smash the goals you have set. Whatever tactics you employed in previous years must be avoided. Create the right environment, do your research, equip yourself with all that you need to achieve your goals. They key here is to be steadfast and consistent.

Good luck on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself.

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