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Single Lady Living In Lagos Episode II

I looked back before he turned, his head was just down like he was scared to move, his body was in shock and Temi was paralyzed on the spot.

Who are you‘ the voice said as I looked at him with so much malice in my eyes. I hold Temi’s hand

I should be asking you, you are in my building‘ I say with my most authoritative voice. He looks at me with recognition and smiles.

Miss Ada‘ he runs up the stairs with his hand stretched forward ‘My name is Uche’

Oh!’ I look at Temi, he hasn’t moved, I was holding his and and he wasn’t squeezing back ‘ Uche, you shocked me‘ I look at Temi again and the look on his face makes me realize he needs a princess in shining armor ‘ Why are you here?’

He looks at Temi, who is backing this conversation and looking down at his feet.

I came to see him‘ he moves closer and I put my hand to create the distance

It’s really early and I need my personal assistant for the day, don’t you think?’

Why can’t he speak for himself Miss Ada, is he mute?’ he looks at Temi with so much spite in his eyes ‘ Temi why won’t you talk to me, you don’t want the people you work with to know who you really are?

I smile, getting an idea of what this is really about ‘ Uche……..’

No Miss Ada!! I came here so he can tell me to his face why he is ashamed of what we are in this age and time‘ he moves closer and I clear my throat and he stops in his tracks.

Uche this is the first time I’m meeting you and I would like to see you under better circumstances, so this is how we are working this out‘ he opens his mouth and I shut him with my hands ‘ You would go back to work or whatever you do, I would drag my P.A to my office because it is fucking Friday morning and we have work to do. You can have this conversation with him on his own time, not mine

I drag Temi and he starts moving, we walk up a couple of stairs and I pause and turn.

Don’t make me call security and cause a scene‘ Uche assumed the same position Temi had before he turned and walked down the stairs. I look at him before I face Temi, I leave his hand and face the stairs, finding strength I did not know I had.

The day went by smoothly, even though enemies of progress decided to invade my morning. I look at the wall clock in my office, 6:30 and I smile, it won’t be bad to have cocktails and karaoke. I pick up the office land line

Temi…….book my table at Posh……I’d be there by 8……..yep…….fine

I shut down my system, pack my bag and look at the files on my table, knowing I won’t miss them till Monday. I look at Temi as I leave the office, he seems to be busy with nothing

Too scared to go home?’ I ask as I plant a kiss on his forehead.

I am really sorry about this morning‘ he looks at me with so much regret in his eye. I hold his hand as if to say it is alright.

Go home‘ I carry my bag and head towards the elevator

Hello Weekend.

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