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The Nightmare of Dating In The 21st Century

Too fast and furious?
The institution of dating is almost as old as time itself even dinosaurs courted, and with every
decade, it gets even trickier. Most people will agree that the process of selecting a life partner is
undoubtedly complex, but the 21st century presents a whole different ball game. Back in the
day, before the Internet and instant messaging, things were less complicated. Lovers actually
took their time to write long letters or send telegraphs from city to city and sometimes over the
The modern-day dating scene can also be called the ‘digital love’ era. In this age, we love to
hash-tag BAE (Before Anyone Else), we set unrealistic couple goals and we hope that it all goes
down in our DMs (direct messaging via social media). Guardian Life caught up with a few
anonymous 21st century daters, and they expressed their thoughts about millennial
Dating in the 21st century is…
“Like the London Underground, soulless connections with useless stops”
The connotations behind modern dating are associated with words like fast, instant and
heartless. Most agree with the trend of moving on to the next partner once things get too
heated as the fear of commitment kicks in. Others are way too engrossed in the capitalist
mentality of ‘money over everything’ to really give dating a proper shot! According to a 20-year-
old, “The hook up culture is so deep because of school, work, life, who has the time? Love really
smells, everyone should really just stay single and happy.”
“It’s basically like playing a stupid game where the loser catches feelings first.”
It’s really all about mastering the game and recognising what you’re dating for, and if you
actually fall in love, you’ll be the fool. Nine out of ten women describe men as the ruthless sex
hunters. We can’t forget to mention the popular 21st century phrase, “Yoruba men are actually
demons,” says 18-year-old Jenny. While men explain the idea of women who are essentially
digging for gold half the time, dating was described as “A project that you need money to keep
going”, according to 25-year-old Ben. So remember not to get caught up in the love thing, or
you might end up heartbroken if you forget what you’re actually there for.

21st century

“No one knows how to communicate outside of social media, your whole relationship takes
place on the Internet.”
We have digital love expectations. Besides our constant use of hashtag proclamations, we

believe that everything we see on the Internet is true. Celebrities become relationship goals and

we end up building fantasy relationships that really only exist in our heads. 23-year-old Aisha
says that, “Men are finessing babes with lifestyle and babes are selling their souls on social
media.” The most fascinating notion about dating in the 21st century remains the fact that with
social media, your options and temptations are endless.
Finally, even with all the negativity involved in the 21st century dating, we must admit that digital
love can actually be amazing when it’s with the right person. Imagine having unfiltered access to
your other half with FaceTime and all sorts? But until then, modern dating will always be
described with quotes like “trying to tiptoe round a mine field” or “looking for a needle in a
haystack.” Most people believe that it’s a never-ending game if you’re actually looking to find
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