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Everything you need to live well

Make Life Worth Living

Make Life Worth Living

If you read- How to live well, Wise living, Ways to live longer, Life hacks, or even, How to live a longer and happier life, you will most likely get similar results. And the truth is, the solutions have been consistently true.


Maintain good health
This would involve eating healthy, drinking enough water and taking exercise daily. Good sleep makes us healthy and improves our immune system, it also increases productivity and gives an excellent concentration.

Maintaining good health involves quitting the practice of taking alcohol to make you feel better for a while, and having It also means to quit smoking which has 99.9 percentage of disadvantages ranging from cancer, high blood pressure, depression, and mouth sores.

Good health involves taking good care of your skin, your mental health, emotional health, spiritual health and every other aspect.

Manage stress
Learning to manage stress begins with discovering yourself and what triggers stress for you. Stress is an emotional pressure that is caused internally or externally. Some of the symptoms of stress are worry, anxiety, fear and agitation, which can be managed by avoiding events that make you stressed. Also, learn to take breaks in between your schedule and master your emotions.

Have a healthy relationship
Relationships are what keeps us going. It is often said that no man is an island, and for a relationship to thrive, communication must be recognised as the backbone. It is important you impact lives, laugh, and love people and if you are lucky, fall in love that a special someone.

Discover yourself
To discover yourself, discover who you truly are and your potential by knowing what you love to do with so much ease. Have a personal SWOT Analysis check.
• The S represents your strengths, which you should focus on magnifying.
• The W is your weaknesses which counter your strengths. Do eliminate your weaknesses directly or indirectly by increasing your strengths until your weaknesses become negligible.
• O stands for opportunity, and opportunities they say, come but once. We all get an opportunity or a chance at life at some point in our lives. It is important that you are prepared in your area of expertise at all times.
• The T is threats. Some threats are a result of circumstances of our birth, which is not our making, therefore, it should not deter us. Find a method that inspires courage to grow above your threats.

Discover your Career Path
Discovering your career path has been left in the hands of our parents in some African societies, but this is a wrong practice. Parents and guardians must guide their wards into the career they want and not enforce their choices on them. The child, in turn, can attend seminars and symposiums where they teach career choices.

Do not give up
This phrase is told to people as a form of encouragement, yet you must evolve beyond waiting for people to tell you this. It is okay to let out the emotions when the circumstances are difficult but know when to dust yourself up. Why not try to remind yourself of how far you’ve come and how rewarding it would be in the end?!

The notion that only people who have money can live well is wrong. On the contrary, living well avails you the time to make more money.

In conclusion, after all is said and done, the taste of a soup is determined at the end of its making. In the same way, how well we lived is determined at the end of our living.

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