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Mali Has Some Amazing Sites You Need To See

Mali is country rich in culture and naturally occurring artefacts. If you ever find yourself in this beautiful country, here are some beautiful sites that you must see.


Tomb Of Askia

This pyramid shaped tomb was built in the late 15th century by Askia Mohammed I. The tomb is located in a town called Gao and consist of the pyramidal tower, the necropolis, two mosques and a white stone square. It is a reminder of the time when Gao became the capital of the Songhai Empire and Islam became its official religion. The structure stands at 56 feet and has been fitted with modern amenities like electric lights and fans while still maintaining its ancient architectural aesthetics.

Cliff Of Bandiagara

This site– also known as the Land of the Dogons—is a wide landscape which covers 400,000 hectares and consists of about 289 villages. The villages are spread out between the sandstone plateau, the plans and the escarpment regions. The site has unique geological features which include the caves where the people of the Tellem are thought to live in. The variety of sites in the Land of the Dogons have a very wide range—from high plateaus to low plains– due to the number of regions it spans across.

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