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Meet The Most Romantic Animals on Earth

We’re in the season of love and most couples are still reeling from the events of Valentine’s Day. It’s a known fact that, as human beings, we are known for our overt displays of affection. However, romance isn’t limited to the human race. The animal kingdom is full of creatures with unique acts of love; that’s what this list is about.


Flamingos’ Heart. Photo Credit: Pinterest

These colourful birds with curved necks are usually used as a symbol of love and this is no mistake. Flamingos usually create separate groups of males and females moving together in search of a mate. To achieve this, instead of targeting their advances to a specific bird, the two groups usually have a dance-off to appeal to one another. When this ritual is done, most birds find individual mates and they usually bond for life.


Seahorses. Photo Credit: National Geographic

Male seahorses carry fertilised eggs of their partners throughout incubation. They do this so the females worry about feeding alone. As incredible as this act sounds, the romantic gestures do not end here. They have an elaborate courtship ritual that involves lots of nose touching, tail holding and colour changing. This ritual usually continues daily until the eggs hatch.


Lovebirds. Photo Credit: The Spruce

Is it possible to make a list of romantic creatures without adding these guys? We don’t think so. These multi-coloured members of the parrot family start their romance really early in life when they’re about two months old. The female ruffles her feathers to attract the male and he reciprocates by bobbing his head in a cute dance. As soon as they pair up, they are often seen together cuddled up. These beautiful creatures also mate for life.


Bowerbird. Photo Credit: Margosnotebook

The bowerbirds are so unique in their expression of love that it’s almost human. Male bowerbirds attract the females by decorating their nests with blue, shiny things. They search far and wide for stones, bottle caps, shells and almost anything that is shiny and blue. When they get these, they carefully arrange it around the nest to attract the females.


Bonobos. Photo Credit: Steemit

Bonobos are on this list simply because of how similar they are to humans in terms of romantic affection. These unique primates copulate while facing each other, distinguishing them from their monkey or gorilla cousins. In addition to this, they have a habit of hugging, kissing and grooming one another.

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