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50 Cent Apologises For Mocking Megan Thee Stallion About Her Shooting

Megan The Stallion

Megan The Stallion | Getty Images

American rapper Megan Thee Stallion in an Instagram Live yesterday opened up about her recent shooting and the online trolling that followed.

In the 10-minute broadcast, the 25-year-old rapper who had to undergo surgery to remove bullets after being shot in both feet explained that she didn’t deserve to be shot.


Revealing that the bullets did not hit bone or tendons, she said:

“It missed everything, but the motherfuckers was in there,” she said, adding that she is “alive and well and strong as fuck.

It was like just the worst experience of my life, and it’s not funny,” she added. “There’s nothing to joke about. There was nothing for y’all to start going and making up fake stories about. I didn’t put my hands on nobody. I didn’t deserve to get shot, I didn’t do shit.”

Stallion also addressed rumours that she was shot by fellow rapper Tory Lanez who was in the car with her and arrested and booked for carrying a concealed weapon in a vehicle.

She said:

“I see a lot of people painting fake-ass narratives and making up stories and all this other whack-ass shit, but I also see a lot of people that have been like being very supportive and sending prayers, and I just really appreciate that,” Megan said. “It’s not that I was protecting anybody, I just wasn’t ready to speak,” she added. “That’s not no shit you just immediately get on the internet and start talking about.”

As for those who found humour in the incident and joked about her getting shot, the “Savage” rapper didn’t hold back.

“I ain’t never seen so many grown-ass motherfucking men chime in on some shit that wasn’t their motherfuckin’ business in the first motherfuckin’ place,” she said. “Like, what if your motherfucking sister got shot, or what if your motherfuckin’ girlfriend got shot, or what if your motherfuckin’ best friend got shot? Would you be cracking jokes then?” She later added, “Karma gonna take care of your ass, I ain’t gotta do it.”

Controversial rapper 50 Cent who was one of those who joked about the incident has now apologised to her for his ‘insensitive posts.’

The Grammy winner, 45, publicly asked for the 25-year-old rapper’s forgiveness, after posting jokes at her expense on Instagram, including a meme of her running away from a car, which her alleged assailant, Tory Lanez, was driving.

Additionally, the “Intro” rapper had also another with Lanez holding a gun.

‘Damn I didn’t think this s**t was real. It sounded so crazy @theestallion I’m glad your feeling better and I hope you can accept my apology,’ he captioned his Instagram on Monday, which included her recent health update.

He further explained:

“I posted a meme that was floating around. I wouldn’t have done that if I knew you was really hurt sorry.”

Megan has assured fans that she would be returning to making music and performing soon.

“I’m ready to get back to bringing the programming with my own hot girl shit,” she said. “This ain’t gonna stop me from being Megan Thee motherfuckin’ Stallion.”

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