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Music Video Review: Saturday Night Remix By Khalid And Kane Brown

Trust Khalid to always give you the goosebumps regardless of whatever he drops and Saturday night was that single that reminding you to stop, take a moment and converse with yourself. Unlike Friday night where all the partying happens, Saturday night is for Saturday night.

Saturday night represented that song that left you to your own imagination, twirling around different scenarios with same words everything you listen to it. With the remix though, a character was infused, but not losing the song ability to make into more than one thing.

Many at times, we like to see our imagination takes shape and form. With such craftsmanship and penmanship put into that songs, a lot is expected with no tolerance for less in the music video. However, Saturday night remix video placed you in those different setting which a good conversation with yourself could be had.


Starting with the first scene, walking you to a dog, reiterating animals being companies that come through anytime. Slowing progressing to a bonfire, the bottle of drinks, the feel of nature around and finally a high up view of the city at night which speaks a lot with the line ‘but this ain’t the way the story ends’.

Going forward to the peak of the song and the scene that comes with it. Same location but different effect. Allowing you have a good feel of the surrounding, with the morning and the sun almost up, the remaining bottles of drinks and the empty bottle laying on the floor, the burnt out fire, the city at it quiet, all heightening the calmness of it.  

All of these hits on the thoughts that our imaginations are memories, feelings that are us. Taking whatever form, form or role we want them to play for ourselves and sometimes, others.

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