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Ik And Olo Osakioduwa: Live, Love, Laugh

For many of us, getting an insight into the love stories of others is always a good feeling. Hence why the two primary goals for this interview with IK Osakioduwa and his lovely wife, Olohije Osakioduwa is to get readers drawn into their love story and learn something new about them as a couple.

Sitting down with “Wild Child” as Ik was fondly called in his early days as an on-air-personality was a mix of excitement and nervousness. Ik was quick to dispel the nervousness when he jokes about my getting lost in trying to find my way to Roma Lagos in Lekki Phase One.

His jokes, banters and witty innuendos continue throughout the interview and photo shoot. Apparently, I am not the only who needs to be put at ease because Olo makes a request for IK’s presence during her photo shoot to help her relax.

“I don’t know how people do this for a living, please get me Ik, he will make me laugh,” she says after some self-conscious poses at the camera.

True to her words, within seconds of Ik’s presence, her ringing laughter fills the room, and the shoot goes seamlessly as he teases her.

It wasn’t always love at the beginning of their story when Ik asked a friend to introduce him to her. According to Olo, they were friends for three years before pursuing a romantic relationship.

They reminisce on getting together as a couple and tease each other about the number of lovers they had between them before becoming an item.

“She was distracted by a few unnecessary boys at the time. She was dating the last guy, the one I scattered before I proposed. It wasn’t an actual proposal, I remember I called you and asked you for your genotype, your blood group before saying you and I have been friends for a long time and I would like to explore the concept of being friends forever with you. We may end up getting married or not but when you are done with him, holla at your boy.”

A month later, Olo ended her relationship and was ready to explore the butterflies.

Ik and Olo Osakioduwa

On what pleasant surprise marriage has brought with it, Ik says it is the happiness that the friendship they had before getting married is still very much in play.

“Before marrying her, I used to worry about whether she is ready to be someone’s wife because she was a pampered child. I remember speaking to a pastor and he told me that when a girl is a daddy’s girl, she has the potential to be loyal to her husband just as she was to her father. It has been beautiful to have seen her be 100 per cent faithful.”

It is this loyalty and friendship that has eased dealing with his celebrity status. He adds,

“Before I get involved with anything, I talk to her about it, I make decisions first with her before anybody else and she listens to me and gives sound advice. When we were much younger and didn’t have the kids, she would accompany me when I had to emcee events, sometimes when they are international, she would come out to support me. Even though the kids make it more difficult to do that now, we have been able to lay the foundation.”

Ik and Olo Osakioduwa

“You go first,” they chorus in unison when asked about the most valued trait they value in each other and Ik admits that he wants her to go first so that he can think about his.

“He is fun, he is intelligent. If I am trying to write proposals, he comes in handy…” she says with a laugh as he quirks an eyebrow at her.

“So that is all I am useful for?” he teases with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

“Generally, he is a good person, because he is kind and a make-it-happen kind of guy,” she continues, pulling on his nose playfully, “Even if he can’t do something at the moment, he would still think about it even after I have let it go.”

Ready to talk about her valued trait, he says,

“She is malleable. She is easy to bend.”

At the underlying sexual innuendo, she turns to look at him and he corrects himself with a grin,

“Not in a physical way obviously, what I mean is that she adjusts to whatever needs to be adjusted to. I remember when we first got married, we had a very small space that I had picked out. I know she didn’t like it and was never keen on it but she never stressed me for it for the three years that we stayed there. Even when we could afford a bigger place, and I wasn’t keen on moving, she didn’t harass my life for it. Whatever circumstances we find ourselves in, she adjusts to it even when we don’t have any money, she lives with it.

She has been with me through it all and has been a ride or die type of person. I remember when my ‘I-better-pass-my-neighbour generator wasn’t working and she was heavily pregnant at the time. We had opened all the windows and all the doors just to let in the air. We ended up sleeping in the only car we had at the time that day. I don’t know of many girls who would sleep with a man in his car in this age.” At this point, he turns to her and jokes, “I brought you from your father’s house to sleep in cars!”

Ik and Olo Osakioduwa

On how they resolve conflicts, IK quickly responds that he says sorry. His resigned face elicits a laugh as he explains how she keeps malice when in her “I am not talking to you any more” mood.

“When she has calmed down and ….”

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