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The Evolution of the Nigerian Blogsphere

Contrary to popular belief the Nigerian blogsphere is not majorly populated with gossip bloggers. There are quite a number of exceptional individuals who have brought their passion for beauty, fashion, technology, food and life in general into the blogging industry. As condense as this industry has become, the blogging industry is definitely setting a pace…

Contrary to popular belief the Nigerian blogsphere is not majorly populated with gossip bloggers. There are quite a number of exceptional individuals who have brought their passion for beauty, fashion, technology, food and life in general into the blogging industry. As condense as this industry has become, the blogging industry is definitely setting a pace in redefining the Nigerian economy. Bringing diversity and ethics to their passion and utilizing it in every way humanly possible, these bloggers have created a niche for their brands and have no intention of slowing down.

Being in the same space with these creatives was as fun as it was educative. Each individual brings their own brand of awesomeness and passion to the content they create. Among so many diverse people, we realize that the common lingua franca is gratitude for the avenue to tell their stories, powered by technology. To them, it’s not just a blog but a child they have fed, loved and revealed to the world – an extension of themselves.

 The Bloggers –

Sisi Yemmie – Lifestyle Blogger

Sisi Yemmie is the brain behind Her motto ‘ Livin it, Bloggin it’ tells it all, Sisi Yemmie doesn’t just run a blog, she runs a lifestyle. On her social media, blog and YouTube accounts combined, she has dedicated subscribers who are more than willing to keep up with Sisi Yemmie’s life. Sisi Yemmie’s blog covers topics beauty, food, relationships, reviews and recently her life as a mom. What sets this blog apart from every other lifestyle blog is the fact that all the content is consistent and all very relatable. As a reader/watcher, you feel connected to whatever the post is about – almost like you’re experiencing it too.

Sisi Yemmie for Guardian Life MagazineFavorite Thing About Blogging: The fact that I can use my platform to reach out to so many people.  And make even the smallest difference in somebody’s life either by making them laugh, informing them, or entertaining them. Creating different types of content and having that content appreciated by people is what makes me happy.

Best Experience Since You Started Blogging: Everything, to be honest. But the most memorable thing has to be my wedding. I had the platform for people to vote for me to win a free wedding. And because I have people who subscribe to my blog, and genuinely like me and what I do, they voted for me and made my dream come true in 2014. That was definitely a very memorable thing.

If You Lost Your Blog Today: Ah! Do you mean me well? That’s a nightmare! In fact, you just reminded me I need to backup. Everything can’t be gone like that. The truth is I will be upset. I’m sure I won’t be able to sleep for weeks. But, because I love blogging so much, I’m going to start all over again. And maybe when you start all over, your content will actually become better. But to lose everything? Ah, no oh. I wouldn’t want that to happen.


Nosa and Folly (Food Bloggers)

Thinking about where to eat in Lagos? Confused about options? Then head on to, home to Nosa and Folly. Just as they say, they eat through the struggle so you don’t have to. The Eat.Drink.Lagos blog is extremely refreshing to read mostly because the reviews are honest and the dialogue flows. In a country like ours, where the truth is never black and white, the duo tell it as it is. Recently interviewed by CNN African Voices, they have become an authority on the best places to eat and drink in the lifestyle and entertainment hive that is the city of Lagos.

Eat.Drink.Lagos - Guardian Life Magazine


Favorite Thing About Blogging: It’s something I do on my own terms; I can do whatever I want to do, and I have control.

Best Experience Since You Started Blogging: That’ll be when we were on CNN.

If You Lost Your Blog Today: I’d probably just start a new one. I mean, the internet is still there. I’d be disappointed, but I can always start a new one. Or maybe a different blog where I don’t have to worry about going to ‘every’ restaurant and just visit the ones I like.


Favorite Thing About Blogging: Well, the blog is about food, so my favorite thing about it is eating.

Best Experience Since You Started Blogging: We had a food festival and were able to get a lot of vendors in one place. That was pretty amazing because I didn’t really expect it. There were also a lot of people there so it was pretty great.

If You Lost Your Blog Today: I’d feel like it was a very fun experience, and then I’d move on and do something else. Maybe start another blog. I’d basically take it as a sign that I’m supposed to do something else.


Cassie Daves (Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger)
Cassie Daves, founder of, has evolved so much over the years. Few bloggers put in as much dedication and consistency as she has into the growth of her blog.  In addition to her colorful outlook on life, her edgy style and quirky fashion sense have pushed her to the front row of the fashion blogging community. In emulating style, people also want to feel like it is something they can easily aspire to. This is what Cassie provides – a fun, relatable approach to fashion and style. Her blog also features lifestyle posts around events, and blogging advice.

Cassie Daves for Guardian Life Magazine

Favorite Thing About Blogging: For me, it’s the community. Meeting people and being able to share your experiences is pretty great.

Best Experience Since You Started Blogging:  I would say my award, but I’m not really that hyped about it.  It may sound a little vain, but the best thing is walking on the street and having people go “Hi, are you Cassie Daves?” and I’m just like “Yay, okay!”. So, it’s that, and then my award.

If You Lost Your Blog Today: Ah, I don’t know. Because I remember when the Instagram account for my blog planner went off for a bit and I couldn’t log back in – it was terrible. So imagine losing years of content. I’d probably hibernate for a while and come back like “We have to be strong”. Most likely start a new blog. But no, losing my blog can’t happen.

Bankole Oluwafemi (Tech Blogger)

Bankole is Editor and founder of Nigeria’s biggest tech blog The most consistent thing in the life of Bankole is his love for technology. He has moved within the media industry, he has created, he has invented and he has succeeded in developing a brand name that is recognized in his field of choice. The thing about blogging about technology and business is that the passion can make it fun and not so basic for even the not-so tech-inclined audience. Bankole writes for an audience that appreciates the business and entertainment aspects of technology.

Bankole Oluwafemi for Guardian Life MagazineFavorite Thing About Blogging: Not having to be a journalist. I know that’s weird. It doesn’t mean you should be silly or crazy or disrespect people.  But you’re able to have more varied views on circumstances and a lot more engagement with your audience. You’re able to do more stuff.

Best Experience Since You Started Blogging: Putting stuff out there and seeing that people are actually responding to it. Basically, making stuff happen. The biggest thing that has come directly from blogging is we have started conversations that have led to all sorts of innovations.

If You Lost Your Blog Today: Start again. The internet never forgets. The information is always there in some shape or form. It will always be preserved and it can always be reconnected. You really can’t destroy anything completely. It might be difficult, and it might take time, but you’ll be fine.


Ezinne Alfa (Beauty Blogger)

Ezinne Alfa isn’t just your regular light skinned Igbo girl. She has set herself on a journey to redefining beauty in Lagos, both with her blog – Beauty in Lagos – and with the BIL Directory. Her blog has grown from simply sharing her beauty picks and routines to a go-to site for contacts and the it-places of all things beauty in the city. Ezinne is creating a brand that engages all thing beauty; from popular categories like Manicure Monday, to Out and About, her reviews of skincare, products, salons and spas are the guide rails for anyone and everyone looking for beauty tips and the best places to go in search of beauty and skin care buys. In Ezinne’s world, a girl can indeed have it all.

Ezinne Alfa for Guardian Life Magazine

Favourite Thing About Blogging: The fact that it’s my thing. I can do it when I want and share what I want to share. There are no rules, and I don’t have to be on anyone’s schedule – although I do have to be consistent.

Best Experience Since You Started Blogging: I can’t really pick one – a bunch of things have happened. If I absolutely had to pick, it would be shooting an episode of Digital Diaries for Spice TV.

If You Lost Your Blog Today: Dude!! Like, if I lost everything?! I’d probably start another blog. Because I truly believe this is what I’m meant to be doing.

The passion and the energy witnessed from these bloggers is inspiring and we were more than delighted to have them as our focus for the week. It is this same energy and passion we believe fuels the innovations we make in the country. What starts as a small voice has the capacity to grow into a moving force beyond our wildest dreams.

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