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Penis Fillers Is Now In Vogue

Sometimes when people hear about body augmentations or enlargements, it is usually ascribed to females because there is a general assumption that only women feel the need to make themselves perfect or look a certain way.

But men are fast leaning towards having an addition or two to their frame to please their partner or to boost their self-esteem.

There is a new procedure used to increase the size of the penis using penis fillers. These fillers are made to increases the girth of the organ. There have been warnings of its dangers but some men use it anyway.

The penis filler is a liquid injected into the soft tissue underneath the skin of the shaft and does not require surgery. It costs around 3,000BP (N1.4 million).

Despite the complications that could lead to the weakening of sexual function, some men are undeterred as they are no strict regulations.

In the UK there has been a rise in penis fillers and more enquiries for penis fillers. Experts have stated that they are concerned about the Do It Yourself(DIY) fillers. Most people use it and develop complications which sometimes lead to outright medical procedures.

Most men are leaning towards getting their penis enlarged to make them more confident and comfortable around other men. Some of them say that they feel inadequate in the company of other men as they feel their penis size is below average.

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