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Did You Know: Positive Relationships Boost Your Self-Esteem


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A study finds that positive relationships can boost your Self-Esteem.

The American Psychological Association recently published a research study that encapsulated over 20 years of research in 10 countries.


The study, conducted by Michelle A. Harris and Ulrich Orth titled, Understanding the Link Between Low Self-Esteem and Depression, found a distinct relationship between self-esteem and social interactions.

“For the first time, we have a systematic answer to a critical question in the field of self-esteem research: Whether and to what extent a person’s social relationships influence his or her self-esteem development, Michelle A. Harris, via EurekAlert.

According to the examined research, social support and acceptance were found to play a critical factor in the development of self-esteem in people age 4 to 74. In turn, they also found that self-esteem plays a critical factor in the creation of social relationships, creating a “reciprocal link” between the two.

The reciprocal link between self-esteem and social relationships implies that the effects of a positive feedback loop accumulate over time and could be substantial as people go through life.

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