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Preparing For Eid? These Makeup Ideas Will Blow Your Mind

Preparing For Eid? These Makeup Ideas Will Blow Your Mind

Ever looked at someone and said to yourself, “I bet she did her makeup in less than 5 minutes?” This is exactly why it is important to plan and prepare adequately for Eid.


As you prepare your heart and mind for this festival, it makes sense also to prepare your outward appearance. Think about pulling up to the mosque with the perfect dress and shoes complemented by the perfect face beat.

Do your attempts at minimalist makeup end up looking boring? And then when you try to go all out, you feel people staring at you? Not to worry, this Eid, you’ll embody the balance between minimalist and maximalist. Let’s get into it.

What’s The Secret Behind A Perfect Facebeat?
If you get the base wrong, everything else will slowly crumble. Here’s how to optimise your skin for long-lasting, perfect makeup.

There’s more to healthy skin than just washing. Having breathing skin is a sure-fire way to make makeup sit better and highlights pop.

If you have dry skin, let your skin sit in a moisturiser for at least 10 minutes before you start applying makeup. This makes the skin supple and ready to absorb foundation. That said, here a few ideas to improve your skin work:

Mix a little moisturizing cream into your foundation.
While this might sound bizarre, nothing makes foundation sit better than a little drop of moisturiser in your foundation.

Revise your skin prep
Cleanser, check. Toner, check. Moisturiser, check. Primer, check. Glow stick? Did you forget your glow stick?
If you are aiming for a matte look but still want your skin to appear radiant, rub on some glow wax before applying foundation.

Apply concealer after foundation, not before.
Pros of applying concealer after foundation include using way less product and preventing layering that may make your face look cakey. With a good base, the concealer is absorbed onto the foundation, not covered up by it.

Eye-catching makeup looks have one thing in common. They make you know where to look. To achieve bomb makeup without looking like you are trying too much, decide whether you want to draw attention to your eyes or your lips. It is never both; you can’t have it all, sister. If you’ve decided to draw attention to your eyes, you’re about to learn a few new things.

First things first, go fetch your tape out of your locker.
Everyone knows how frustrating a winged eyeliner can be; that’s why many people avoid it altogether and go for basic eyeliners. With tape and a little concealer, you can achieve that perfect wing. Place a little tape at the sides of your eyes, where you do not want your eyeliner to be. If you don’t get it once, you can always remove the tape and try again.
Once it’s in a perfect position, draw on your eyeliner. Then take the tape off, and you have yourself a super straight, dramatic eyeliner.

Let your face bake while you work on your eyes
Not only does this save time, but having setting powder beneath your eyes while you apply eyeshadow helps to prevent eyeshadow from smearing on your cheeks. We want our makeup to look clean, so there’s no room for errors and patching.

Don’t take the tape away yet!
There are only a few things more heartbreaking than doing the perfect eyeshadow look and ruining it with mascara, especially with your lower lashes.
This is where the tape comes in. Use a surgical tape (so your makeup doesn’t come off when you take it off) beneath your eyes, then apply on your mascara. Detangle your lashes with a clean spool, then gently take the tape off.

Colour grading
Yes, your eyeshadow should match your scarf, but how exactly? Experts recommend that the lightest shade should be positioned in the corner of your eye, darkening as you move towards the edge. Do not forget to use a shimmer to make your eyes pop, and dust on some colour right beneath your lower lash line for depth.

Following this step-by-step guide, you’ll be able to pull off the perfect Eid look that would have you looking amazing on the holy day.

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