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Rape: Who Is To Blame?

Yuwe visits her fiance as usual on the only day they get to spend time together in the week. As they are accustomed to, they share gentle kisses in the middle of the conversation and it evolves into something more heated.
In the heat of the moment, Yuwe changes her mind and tells her boyfriend to stop. She no longer wishes to continue. But his hormones are raging and he pays her no heed. He only lets go of her when he is satisfied.

She is still crying when he turns to her, recoiling when he makes to touch her. “Why?” he asks. “You raped me,” she screams.


An often-debated word, examples such as this, are met with responses that fuel the rape culture in many societies, Nigeria inclusive.

With lyrics, lewd jokes and actions glorifying this culture, Nigeria’s rape statistics continue to be on the rise. Although concerned institutions state that rape cases go underreported because of the heightened level of victim-shaming, the issue of false accusations is also a cause for concern.

Grab a copy of as the Guardian Life tomorrow as we address the issue of rape, consent, rape culture and the Law.
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