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Ray J Talks Lessons Learned From Sex Tape With Kim Kardashian

It is safe to say that the social media sphere would not be forgetting Kim Kardashian and Ray J’s sex tape in a long while despite the fact that it surfaced online over a decade ago.

Although the former lovebirds have since moved on with both of them now married to different people, every now and then, the sex tape conversation still crops up.


Ray J who is a rapper turned tech mogul has now opened up about how he feels about the 12-year-old sex tape. He explains that he thinks it ‘just wasn’t cool’ and according to him, he had to ‘rewind the tape’ to learn that.

Speaking about the 41-minute sex tape that was leaked in 2007, on the April 24th episode of Logan Paul’s podcast, Impulsive, he said,

“Morally, I was digging myself a hole. And I felt like in a minute I was going to have to bury myself in it.”

The “Sexy Can I” rapper added,

“I just started to just look at it at a different way, watch myself and watch what I did and rewind the tape — not that one. I just had to rewind my life and look at it.”

Ray J has been able to put the tape behind him as he is now the founder of two tech companies, Raytroniks Inc. and Raycon Global Inc., and he recently welcomed his first child, daughter Melody Love Norwood, with wife Princess Love in May 2018. His new status as a family man is especially what makes the sex tape memory an unpleasant one.

“What if I was a parent and how would I feel if that happened to my daughter or one of my kids? I would be furious about it. And I started to see myself in different people’s shoes and see what that would feel like, and that just wasn’t cool.”

Logan then posed the ultimate question: did Ray feel like he “made” Kim? His answer was a firm “No,” and he elaborated,

“I feel like at the end of the day, in order for me to be able to sleep in the bed at night with my wife, I had to be able to plead the fifth.”

It would be recalled that in November 2018, another tape surface in which Kim sucks a penis-shaped pipe.

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