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Ronke Oshodi-Oke: Nollywood Is Not Responsible For Failed Marriages

Ronke Oshodi

Failed marriages among celebrities is becoming prevalent so much so that one would think it is a trend.

In a chat with The Punch’s Sunday Scoop, Nigerian actress Ronke Ojo popularly known as Ronke Oshodi Oke shares her opinion on the issue of failed marriages in Nollywood.

“There is nobody that is insulated from what’s happening in the society at large. Generally, there are many marriages that don’t last. I have seen someone that was married for just two years and she left the marriage. It is not because one is an actress or an actor that one’s marriage would scatter; it is because that’s what is ‘reigning’ for now. It takes true love for anybody to remain in a marriage when the two partners no longer have feelings for each other.”

The actress also voiced her opinion on prostitution in the film industry:

“People who do such things would still do it even if they weren’t in the industry. It is because that is who they are. Even if they are in another industry, they would act that way. The president once said that Nigerian youths are lazy. And that’s because everybody, including me, wants free money. Everyone wants to reap from where they didn’t labour.”

“I wouldn’t say there are some things I don’t like about the industry because there are no jobs in Nigeria and this is the only opportunity many people have. I would have said the way people are coming into the industry is not the way they are supposed to, but people are just trying to make ends meet. We really cannot blame anybody.

There are lawyers, doctors, engineers and other professionals among us who are supposed to be working in other fields. But when jobs are not forthcoming, they have no choice but to join Nollywood. Though I personally don’t like it, there is really nothing we can do about it.”

Ronke became an household name in the year 2000 when she featured in a movie titled Oshodi Oke, from which she got her stage name.

In 2014, Ronke launched her music career. The following year, she released a single titled “Ori Mi” which featured Afropop singer 9ice.

Some notable films in which she has featured in are “Return of Jenifa”, “Oshodi Oke” and “Abeke Aleko”.

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