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Running Nose: 4 Home Remedies That Work

A running nose or rhinorrhea is a condition where the nasal cavity is filled with a significant amount of mucus fluid.

Running nose is mostly caused by common cold and influenza. Other causes of running nose include allergies and hay fever.

What you can do to stop a running nose:


Drink lots of fluids:
Staying hydrated has a lot of benefits to your body. According to a study published in Rhinology Journal, hot drinks provided immediate and sustained relief from symptoms of runny nose, cough, sneezing, sore throat, chilliness and tiredness.

This ensures that mucus in your sinuses thins out to a runny consistency and is easy for you to expel. Otherwise, it may be thick and sticky, which congests the nose even further.

And ensure to stay away from coffee and alcoholic beverages – they dehydrate.

Try A Facial Steam:
Steam inhalation is one of the most widely practised homemade remedy for running nose. You can even add herbs or essential oil to the hot water.

Here’s how to run a steam facial.

Heat clean water in a clean pot on your stove. Heat it just enough so that steam is created.

Place your face above the steam for a few minutes at a time. Take deep breaths through your nose. Take breaks if your face gets too hot.

A hot bath:
Just like facial steam, taking a hot bath can also provide quick relief.

The heated steam from the water can enter your nasal passage to help shrink swollen membranes and loosen congestion.

Eat Spicy Food:
One popular Nigerian home remedy for runny nose and most especially, a cold is eating pepper soup. And it works!

Although eating spicy food can initially make a runny nose worse but any sinus congestion may improve shortly after the meal is finished.

The medical information provided in this article is provided as an information resource only. This information does not create any patient-physician relationship and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment.

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