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Sade Okoya: Twenty Years Of Marital Bliss

By Greg Nwakunor and Njideka Agbo 28 April 2019   |   11:00 am

The Okoya family

Inside the large office complex of Eleganza Industrial City Limited, Chief Folashade Noimat Okoya is seen working on the different files on her table. She is responsible for the day-to-day management of the company, which started operation in 2012. The lady, who has made sure her life is not just about dinner parties, social engagements and visits to clothiers and jewellers, looks relaxed.

Full of class, she stands up gracefully, looks out at the clear sky and feels a sense of pride with the whine of engines swelling — different trucks coming in and out of the complex.

Wearing minimal make-up, wristwatch dripping in diamond studs, and striking designers outfit, it is easy to assume that Okoya is in her 30s. This is because something happens to people after a certain age when the distinctions of youth disappear. Yet at 42, she still wears a comely and fragile look that makes it difficult to remove 22 years from her age, and not picture the slim-framed lady, who married Chief Akanni Rasaq Okoya two decades ago.

Sade Okoya

With her face lit up and a smile on her face, she recalls the secret of her two decades of marriage to Chief Okoya. From when they met till now, it has been love all the way and these moments; she divulges to The Guardian Life.

The Sweet Face Of Marriage

Sade and Chief Rasaq Okoya

For many who have been familiar with the Lagos socialite scene, Okoya is not a stranger. To those who remember her from her time as a young wife, it is almost hard to believe that it has been over 20 years. She tells The Guardian Life that from the moment she and her husband met “casually”, she observed that he took an immediate liking to her.

“When he saw me, I could tell he really liked me. He told me not quite long after our first meeting that he was going to marry me and here we are now.”

From then on, it has been a beautiful ride. Okoya who cannot stop thanking God for bringing him her way describes him as “a wonderful father, husband, amiable chairman, a friend, generous to a fault and highly responsible.”

She is also grateful to God that she has embraced the most important lessons: despite the storms that they encounter, there are “so many things to learn in marriage as one progresses in life.”

The Come Back Queen

Chief Rasaq Okoya

Chief Rasaq Okoya, Folashade’s husband, is well known in the Nigerian business circle as one of Nigeria’s foremost business men, who has established a business empire that is certain to outlive generations. Being married to such a man who is also her role model, Folashade says is a blessing and a massive inspiration.

“My husband inspires me a lot in business. The most useful business lesson I have learnt from him is the ability to plan and execute ideas without failure.”

Despite suffering a major setback in the past, it is this inspiration that caused her to persevere until Eleganza made a comeback.

“He tutored me from cradle to maturity in business, and since I assumed office as the managing director of Eleganza Industrial City Limited, I have repositioned the company positively. You know repositioning is key. The company had suffered a major setback in the past, but my husband Chief Rasaq Akanni Okoya, was desirous of it coming back to life, bigger, stronger and better under the name Eleganza Industrial City Limited, with high-quality products at very affordable prices.”

The new direction of Eleganza is to be the foremost producer of plastic chairs, food warmers and coolers, diapers, ladies sanitary products, luggage, plastic products, cosmetics and others in Africa. We want customers to get value for their money.

With all that she has put in place and her consistent drive, Eleganza, Okoya promises will …

Grab a copy of today’s edition to read up on all Sade has to say about her dreams for Eleganza, her marriage and her children.

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