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Scientists Discover Possible Cure For Baldness

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A cure for baldness might soon be available after scientists grew hair on mice, using human stem cells.

This breakthrough could lead to an unlimited supply of locks for millions who are bald.


The only solution for men presently is transplanting hair follicles from one part of the head to the other.

The new cure will also be useful for the skin disease alopecia that causes hair to fall out – as well as burns victims according to The Mirror.

The new therapy as recorded in the British journal Nature, healed baldness since the cells were 100 percent human.

The US team created tiny skin buds, or ‘organoids’, in a petri dish from the pluripotent stem cells that can turn into any type of tissue.

When the “remarkably complete” skin was implanted onto the backs of immuno-compromised bald mice, hair loss was reversed.

According to a corresponding author of the research work, Professor Karl Koehler:

“The skin is a multi-layered organ, equipped with appendages such as follicles and glands that are critical for regulating body temperature and the retention of bodily fluids. This helps protect the body against illness and injury as well as controlling the sensation of touch and pain. Reconstructing appendage-bearing skin in cultures and in bio-engineered grafts is a challenge that has yet to be met. Here we report an organoid culture system that generates complex skin from human pluripotent stem cells. Direct comparison to foetal specimens suggests the skin organoids are equivalent to the facial skin of humans in the second trimester of development.”

Speaking further about the research, other researchers state that if the approach reaches the clinic, individuals who have wounds, scars, and genetic skin diseases will have access to revolutionary treatments.

Last year another US team grew hair using a combination of cells from mice and humans.

Among celebrities that have been claimed to have hair transplants are Wayne Rooney and Ryan Giggs.

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