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See The Top 10 Most Powerful Passports In Africa Right Now

Some few days ago, the Henley Passport Index released the list of the world’s most powerful pasports as of 2018 with the Japenese passport taking top spot.

The index compiled by global citizenship and residence advisory firm Henley & Partners Citizens, places Seychelles as the most powerful passport on the continent.

The report ranked passports of the world by their total visa-free score and below are the most powerful passports in Africa:

1. Seychelles (World ranking: 21)

Seychelles Passport | Twitter

Its holder can enter 104 jurisdictions on visa-free. 31 Visa on arrival. 63 required visa

2. Mauritius (World ranking: 25)

Mauritius Passport |

Visa free: 99
Visa on Arrival: 32
Visa required: 67

3. South Africa (World ranking: 44)

Angela Makholwa for My City, LifeStyle.Picture: KEVIN SUTHERLAND 25/06/2010

Visa free: 64
Visa on Arrival: 33
Visa required: 101

4. Botswanan (World ranking: 58)

Botswana passport | Mmegi

Visa free: 49
Visa on Arrival: 28
Visa required: 121

5. Lesotho (World ranking: 59)

Lesotho passport | Vietnamimmigration

Visa free: 47
Visa on Arrival: 29
Visa required: 122

6. Swaziland (World ranking: 60)

Swaziland passport | Flickr

Visa free: 46
Visa on Arrival: 29
Visa required: 123

7. Malawi (World ranking: 61)

Malawi passport | Daily Maverick

Visa free: 44
Visa on Arrival: 29
Visa required: 125

8. Kenya (World ranking: 62)

Kenyan passport | GhHeadlines

Visa free: 39
Visa on Arrival: 33
Visa required: 126

9. Namibia (World ranking: 63)

Namibia passport (Lakeside Travel and Tour’s Blog)

Visa free: 99
Visa on Arrival: 42
Visa required: 127

10. The Gambia (World ranking: 64)

Gambia passport | Facebook

Visa free: 45
Visa on Arrival: 25
Visa required: 128

Ghana is ranked on 15th on the list, while Cameroon and Nigeria are ranked 45th in Africa. Ghana holder can enter 39 countries on visa-free. Nigeria and Cameroon are ranked 81 in the world. Nigerian holder can enter 23 jurisdictions on visa-free, 27 visa on arrival and 147 required a visa. For Cameroon, a holder can enter 19 nations on visa-free, 31 on visa on arrival and 148 required a visa from the country’s holder.

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