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Self-Isolating? Here Is What To Do

Self isolating

Self-isolating. Photo The News

The coronavirus came like a plague that it is, so unexpected. The year 2020 was supposed to be one of clear vision and a year of return for everything lost. No one could envision this would be the way to really put the future in perspective, the jolt needed to be aware because now it’s more of taking the past in retrospects.

BUT, there is no panic required at this time. First things first,


This is really it. Do not panic. AT ALL. This can be very tricky especially when you are trying to see if your common cold or malaria is just that and not the COVID-19. You get panicky at that chest tightening in anxiety, you cough from drinking a lot of water or your throat hurts from stifling that cough so your neighbours won’t yell “CORONA”. The media is already said to be creating a panic that is worse than the virus itself and the people are feeding into it, hence, we have a “mass panic” on our hands.

The only way to go about getting through this is to remain calm. Get your supply of alcohol-based wipes, hand sanitizers, groceries, fuel and stay warm.

Do Not Panic Buy

As much as it is important you stock up at this time, you also, most importantly, need to understand when you are overdoing it.

Buying gallons upon gallons of milk is not the thing to do at this time. Most of the things you buy in panic would go bad. Not only have you wasted money, but you have also deprived someone else the luxury of having that item. Buy all you need and in the appropriate portions. Know what would keep and what would not. Just know that the regular stops you are taking would be for dairy and perishables alone.

Be Careful What You Listen To

Now is not the time to feed anyone with conspiracies about who or what is behind this and who or what the virus is not. No! While it is good to focus on the news and social media, you need to be very careful about what you listen to.

Spend more of this time on podcasts, family and ignite your sense of positivity while taking precautions and saving yourself and many others.

Broadcast | Photo Animoto

Be Careful What You Broadcast

Also important. Now is not the time to spread information that is not from a reliable source. It is important that all news is verified and from a verifiable source before you put it out. The pandemonium ongoing is not to be fueled even further by false information on what drugs would cure the virus or what religion or race or animal it does not affect.


Be sure to take precautions. It is safe to assume we have all been keeping basic hygiene measures before now so we are only doing it by the second as opposed to just when necessary. It is not easy not to touch your face but you must try.

It’s not enough to be aware because the same hands you use to collect your change (balance) are the same you pick your bags with, hold rails with, open doors with, and a host of many other things. As a result, get alcohol-based wipes. Wipe off and throw away (it is advisable you have a plastic bag to dispose of it with each use), get a hand sanitizer, it is pretty expensive at this time but there are DIY’s all over the net and if you could get some homemade, please do. Stock up on fruits and stay positive and warm.

If you do not have the virus keep yourself isolated and get help.


Get your mind off things for a bit. Turn off the news after an hour and tune into something else. You can’t be with your friends and co-workers and partner at this point so you get to appreciate technology a lot more. There is a lot of fun stuff to do online now more than ever, and with all sports closed, you get to bet with each game, try it!

Not everyone has been fortunate enough to be accorded the opportunity to work from home at this time. Take proper precautions, stay hydrated and covered up. Be careful what you touch, who you touch and try as much as possible to keep your distance.

Stay Safe Everyone!!

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