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Health Importance of Good Sleeping Habit

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Many people have the idea that  the less sleep they have, the higher their success will be. However, this is not true, sleep is as important to humans as much as food is.

Sleep improves productivity and concentration

A good sleep ensures a productive day ahead. Sleep deprivation affects the cognitive, concentration, productivity and performance. A good sleep will improve problem solving capabilities and enhance productivity.


Heart disease

Poor sleeping ability expose people to heart diseases and stroke. Sleeping for less than 7-8 hours can cause severe heart problems which might take a long time to heal.


Poor sleeping habit might be caused by depression and can lead to an increase death by suicide. Most people stay awake thinking about problems, this affects the heart and causes a deeper level of depression.

Immune function

A good sleep improves the body immunity. When you sleep for less than 7-8 hour, you develop health issues such as cold and catarrh. However, a good sleep prevents these health issues.

Sleep stimulates creativity

If you are trying hard to connect with your creative spirit, try taking enough rest and sleep. Good sleep increases creativity, it sparks creative solutions to problems and issues both at work and home. If you are having trouble with creativity due to lack of sleep, just take some rests.

Helps weight issues

If you are gaining excessive weight, try rest or sleep. It is possible to gain excessive weight or lose it if sleeping habit is poor. Poor sleep habit stores fatty acid in all the wrong places such as liver and this leads to excess fat and diabetes.

Sleep slows down the aging process

If you are looking older than your age because of stress, try having enough sleep. This process helps to slow down the aging process. People who sleep less tend to age faster, have uneven skin pigmentation and reduced skin elasticity.

If you are thinking of productivity, sound mind, creativity and beautiful skin, try having enough sleep.


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