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Simple Ways To Keep Your Team Motivated

Being a leader, no matter how small the team is, comes with many responsibilities. Some of which include understanding each person’s personality and how it can be harnessed to accomplish the common goal.

Between tight deadlines, mandatory overtime, and high expectations, it’s easy for productivity to reduce and for morale to slip. With these simple ways, you can help sustain your team’s motivation:


Everyone wants to feel like they have a voice and that their perspective is being heard. It is important to take active listening one step further: Be intentional about recognizing your team’s contributions and responding to questions or feedback in a timely manner.



The moment you bring a group of people together, you have to account for not only their individual motivators, skills, and weaknesses, but also how they interact as a group.

To get the best results, it’s important to link rewards to the overall success of a project. Not just how each individual performs.

Simply recognizing contributions and showing appreciation can be a powerful tool for team motivation.

If you don’t let people know when you’re happy or impressed, you’re limiting their potential and squashing their motivation.


The importance of team bonding sessions cannot be overemphasized. It is very necessary to leave the office environment every once in a while, to neutral grounds where everyone can relate with one another on a lighter note. This can be in the form of a retreat; team members get to attend seminars, have conversations with teammates on how work has been thus far and ways to improve.

All of these help you stay tuned into what makes each of your team members tick, and look for ways to motivate them accordingly.

Remember, as a leader, you should always be evolving, just like your team.

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