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6 Fun Facts About Eritrea

Eritrean Female Warriors

Eritrea is a small country in the horn of Africa bordering Ethiopia, Djibouti and the Red Sea. Eritrea has one of the best colonial architectural structures in the world. Their cultures remain intact, diverse, and colorful with nine ethnic groups that are interesting subjects for cultural immersion.

Below are some fun facts about Eritrea:

Their Language

The native language spoken in Eritrea is called Nara Bana, this derives from the word ‘Nara’ which means heaven or sky. Nara is a Nilo-Saharan group that migrated to Eritrea and intermarried with the local pygmy groups.


Their Leader

The people of Eritrea have a president till now and his name is Isaias Afwerki. Since the independence of Eritrea from Euthopia, their president has not changed.

Women warriors

The women of Eritrea have been known to fight alongside their men as far back as 1810 AD. Women picked up arms to help their counterparts fight off the Italians and later on the Ethiopians. This is mainly due to the Eritrean population being small yet it has been engaged in so many wars where hundreds of thousands of men were killed.

Water habitat

Eritrea is known to be a zone for rare species of fish. Fishing remains a great sporting activity, especially for tourists. You only need to hire a fishing boat and enjoy your activity as you enjoy viewing Eritrea’s scenic Red Sea coastline. The most common endemic marine fish includes deep water dragonet, gobius fish, snailfish, tilefish, and stargazer fish.  The most common freshwater fish include cyprinid Garra fish and Lake Abaeded fish.


Eritrea is a multilingual society and they have a total of 10 languages with English being their lingua franca.


Since Eritrea’s independence, they have never had any successful election. Their elections have always been scheduled and canceled. In 1997, Eritrea adopted a constitution that declared them as a multi party democracy.


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