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5 Ways To Get Over Being Ghosted In A Relationship

Woman crying after being ghosted.

We have all gone through one break-up or another, however, ghosting in a relationship is worse than a normal break up. It is seen as a cruel emotional torture and it often crushes the self esteem of the people involved . People that have been ghosted in a relationship often find themselves wondering what they have done wrong and at times, it could lead to a case of depression.

If you are going through a breakup via ghosting, here are ways to come out of the pain.

It is not your fault

It is time for you to acknowledge this bad behaviour is not your fault, rather, it is their fault and it is a case of them being a coward. They are simply making a choice to not communicate with you. You are worthy of a wonderful partner who has the maturity to communicate clearly with you. You need to force yourself to believe that the ghosting does not reflect on you as a person, it reflects on them. You might not have been a match for each other, and the manner in which your ex is handling the split should make that very clear to you.


Why is it bothering you

Be truthful with yourself as to why the issue is bothering you. It bothers you because it is a rude thing to do, but specifically what about the ghosting is getting to you? Do you feel heartbroken? Do you just want to “win”? Are you looking for closure? Get really specific.

Write it out

Take your pen and write out what you are feeling, write down and read often that the abrupt endings are insensitive, irresponsible, and disrespectful character aspects from someone who is not worth you. After writing things out, make a decision to let them go. It hurts, it is not easy but when you make that solid decision, it makes things easier for you.

Learn from it

In life, every experience is meant to teach us something. Take your lessons from that experience. Think about what you learnt from seeing an awful side of a person you cared about. This is the silver lining to getting ghosted in a long-term relationship: You are going to learn a lot about yourself and what kind of partner you are looking for. Next time, take your time to learn about your partners, from the way they treated their exes. It is in your power to ask for more next time you are in a relationship.

Get back out there

Do not wait for your ex to come back, they are obviously a terrible person, however, you also did not take note of the red flags because they must have shown it in their behaviour. Release the ghost. Release the story that says you are not enough because they ghosted you. The sooner you do this, the sooner you free yourself up and stuff can move the way it’s meant to.

Be good to yourself, and when the time is right, move right on up.

Ghosting hurts but you have a control over your emotions and things you do with them, so take control of your feelings.

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