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5 Minutes With Dami Elebe

Dami Elebe is the mind behind the comedy web series – ‘Skinny Girl In Transit’ and ‘Rumour Has It’. Her shows are only a tiny glimpse into the myriad of creativity that is her life, and she shares more with us about her inspiration, dreams, and goals.


Hi, Dami. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

This question has always been tough to answer because I am so scattered. I am a radio personality who studied advertising and art but also writes scripts. I am not trying to be over the top but I am a person with a bunch of talents confused as to how and when to unleash. I also usually pray when it is unleashed I can call myself a successful person. I’m in Guardian Life… Can I call myself a successful person yet?


When did you get into scriptwriting?

I was in the University with a bunch of stories in my head. One story finally forced me to open my laptop and attempt to write a book. I was on chapter two when I realized my vocabulary was not as extensive as I would like and I got bored. I enjoyed the dialogues but it was no fun writing the other parts. I decided to focus on dialogue alone and that gave birth to me as a scriptwriter.


What was the inspiration for SGIT and Rumour Has It?

Believe it or not, I was called in to script an under developed idea – Skinny Girl In Transit was created by another OAP. When I heard the story, I laughed because it was me; they wanted me to write about me. My life is not as interesting as Tiwa’s in the show – being that I am still single and not too many hot men are on my case. My mother is not that dramatic and I am the only child whose father is late.

Rumour Has It on the other hand is inspired by so many women who have had to put on a brave face for society while suffering from emotional pain. It is a situation I have never experienced before, but, as a scriptwriter, I cannot wait for personal experience before I write about it.


What’s the highlight of having your scripts turned into live-action movies/shows?

The people who get to watch it. It is amazing knowing all about a “certain world” but releasing it in bits to an unsuspecting audience is it’s own bliss. Having people live in suspense while they continually beg you to relieve the ache of not knowing what comes next; I feel like Shonda Rhimes. Sometimes, I get nervous wondering if people will like it and if the story will translate visually, the way I see it in my mind, but it’s a great feeling overall.


How involved in production are you?

Not so much. I can give ideas but it doesn’t have to be followed. I have come to trust Ndani TV and their expertise. They are more experienced at making stories come alive than I am.


When you write a story or a script, what is your ultimate goal?

 For people to want more from me. For them to always expect the best when they see my name is associated with any project. The goal is to be the best always and make sure people feel a connection to every story. I’m also hoping to write a movie that will make it to the cinema this year and also be a big hit.


As a scriptwriter, what challenges do you face in the creative industry?

Getting people to buy into your dream is difficult. I was close to giving up when Ndani picked me to write for them. At first, I didn’t even know how to write a treatment or pitch my stories. Now, I get scared that if I write the perfect treatment or pitch my stories, it might be stolen. We need a healthy environment where people can partner with writers and we don’t all have to be writer/producer/director. My intention is to make sure I can always give a great story and I hope this industry would allow me show the world my best.

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