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The Bad Gang Leader: Akanm D Boy

Social media has created a virtual world, which in turn has created a new strata of occupations in the entertainment industry such as Instagram models, influencers, Instagram comedians, and the list is endless. In this world, the Instagram comedians – not only limited to the social media platform- have used the internet as their platform and created a wonderland for their audience. One of the many popular Nigerian Instagram comedians is Ayokanmi Faekeye aka Akanm D Boy aka Kekere Lion, popularly known for his catch phrase – you haff join gang.

I knew Akanm from his stint in Tout Kitchen and when I realized that one of my favourite characters in the YouTube series has started his own unique platform I was anxious to see what he would put out on his own. Kanmi, before his appearance in Tout Kitchen was also a regular on Gidi Lounge radio. Akanm’s videos are based on real life situations, with characters such as Daddy, Sade and Akanm D Boy. He admits that the Daddy character is heavily influenced by his mother’s character. His videos which sometimes embody the typical Nigerian family have catapulted Akanm to fame and landed him a spot in the Nigerian music industry, with cameos in music videos like Aje Butter’s bad gang – an adaptation of one of Kanmi’s popular quotes.

According to an interview on, Kanmi takes his passion very seriously and it is not just a side gig but a full time job. Asides from being a comedian that we love, Kanmi is a social media influencer and has the online and offline world eating from his palms.

The thing I love about this current generation is how we are hustlers and how use every platform and opportunity given to our advantage. We have created a source of income from what people do at their leisure hour. Kanmi used the internet, location and friends to start what some can call the new generation of comedy in the world all over. America has their Aphrican Ape, Jamiaca has Prince Marni and we have Kanmi.

Despite the fact that these comedians are key to making sure we have no data, we love the fact that they have carved a niche on the internet and have provided a new form of vocation that many are following at the moment. Kanmi is one of the few that have made the transition from being on our mobile screen to the big TV. Following his career and the passion and consistency he pours into creating good content for his audience, we can’t wait to see what Kanmi will do in the future.




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