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Timini Egbuson: A Journey to Fame

Good character is formed by making a personal decision to stay self-aware and conscious about the actions we live by daily. Not breaking the morals and principles we live by regardless of the difficulty in navigating through life is an act of strength. “Fame can cause you to lose your manners”, was one of Timini Egbuson’s remarks during his enlightening interview with Guardian Life.

Timini Egbuson. Photo: Jerrie Rotimi.

Egbuson, whom we had been following for a while, has shown himself worthy of the sets and stages he’s been on despite being the younger brother to one of Nollywood’s A-list actress Dakore Akande. From playing Tobi in MTV Shuga to being on the set of Fifty and other interesting productions, he has set himself apart as a trailblazer in the industry. His humble story, dedication to hard work sparks an interest in his acting career.

Why and how did you choose your sister to become your mentor?
It happened naturally. I had shadowed her for such a long time and, in doing so, I understood how the industry was and what it took to be in it. She showed a lot of dedication and passion for the craft, despite the low returns the industry offered at that time. It only made sense for me to choose a successful actor with a 22-year scandal-free experience in the industry as a mentor.

How did you get the part on MTV Shuga?
I went for an audition while I still had my nine to five. I was a Marketing Executive for an e-commerce company for two years but I was only acting as a hobby then. I had worked with Tope Oshin so, when the auditions for Shuga started, she called me for a closed casting. Biyi Bandele, who was the director then also recognised my talents. Transitioning from a sales rep to a full-time actor was life-changing for me.

Timini Egbuson. Photo: Instagram.

How did you get on the Skinny Girl In Transit (SGIT) cast?
I should have been a part of SGIT from the first season but I didn’t look old enough for the role I was cast for. This has been a problem for me because I look younger than I actually am. A casting opportunity came up later for the character Mohammed. It wasn’t supposed to be a major character but I played that role with all my heart. The chemistry between the characters Shalewa and Mohammed drew people’s attention and that small character became an important character.

Shuga, SGIT and Fifty the Series are productions that have changed my life because they are accepted on a global scale and people all over the world are watching these shows. I don’t believe in being in a hundred movies to get established as an actor. I believe it’s all about working smart and not hard. It’s always been more about choosing the right project.

What’s the process of embodying a movie character like for you?
I read my script and develop a background for the character. I do all that to make sure each character I play is unique.

Timini Egbuson. Photo: Jerrie Rotimi.

What major lessons have you learned as an actor on set?
Humility is key regardless of whom you are relating to. Everyone involved in filming is important and these guys all come together to create a successful film. I have learned to be humble and accept everybody with their flaws because you never know whom and where your next recommendation is coming from.

What principles do you live by?
At the end of the day, the fear of God and the fact that I know he exists is what keeps me going. I live my life knowing that karma exists and I am careful about what I give and put into the atmosphere. I also try to stay very positive so people feel good vibes by just associating with me.

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