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Start That “Conversation” With Your Partner

Communication plays a crucial role in creating a conducive environment for a healthy relationship.

Many a time, people might look good together and appear to the outside world that their relationship is made in heaven

Until they break up

Then you hear stories like… we didn’t know what we were doing, he claimed to love me but he didn’t want to make us exclusive, she was too busy to make things work and the “distant feel” list just goes on…

Most of these problems stem from communication, a word easy to pronounce yet so difficult to do (for some). Lack of communication is why many relationships fail.

Couples. Photo: Owambe

It is imperative that you go into a relationship not believing that you can turn a blind eye to everything because really, how long are you going to act like it doesn’t matter? How long are you going to continue assuming?

It is easy to think you are on the same pace with your partner when you are in love, yet communication makes you deduce if your partner wants to commit or comfortable with where he is or if you share the same priorities.

No matter how emotionally traumatising it might be, communication helps you heal faster or makes the relationship grow stronger.

It is therefore important that you and your partner share similar values and are willing to compromise when the need arises.

Do yourself the favour, be honest with yourself and what you want from the relationship.

Get into a conversation with your partner and see if your interest is at heart. It’d help you define where the relationship is headed.

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