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Student Spends $3,000 To Transform Into A Real-life Mermaid

Corrine Hinton at a birthday party | Photo: Metro

Disney and its fairytales have made young people believe they are either princes or princesses and also be the best versions of themselves.

However, it seems 22-year old Corrine Hinton took this inspiration an entirely different way and decided to spend over $3000 to transform herself into a real-life mermaid like Ariel of Disney’s “The Little Mermaid.”

Hinton first met the famous princess from under the sea (Ariel) in 2005 when she visited Walt Disney World at the age of seven, according to Metro.

The Pennsylvania native, says this magical meeting is what began her “double life”–a life which Hinton created all by herself using only her imagination and the power of the internet.


When Hinton was 15, she came across a fabric maker in Clearwater, Florida, who specializes in making mermaid tails. Hinton says she “begged” her parents for a tail on her next birthday–a tail which cost $250.

After her parents purchased the tail for Hinton, she says she then spent hours in her local swimming pool learning to swim with the mono-fin mermaid tail, just like Ariel. “I like feeling mysterious and got obsessed very quickly,” said Hinton.

As Hinton’s passion for being a real-life mermaid began to grow, so did her spending on her aquatic hobby. “I started taking it much more seriously when I was 18 and I bought a silicone tail that cost $800,” said Hinton.

‘To date, I’ve spent about $3,000 on costumes. My most expensive tail cost $1,000 on its own,” says Hinton. Currently, Hinton owns a total of three different mermaid tails.

Although, as much money as Hinton has put into the hobby, she has seen a return as the 22-year-old also poses as an actor for children’s birthday parties where she is able to make some cash.

Hinton may only play an actress at kids parties, but she says she tries to give the kids more than just background entertainment with her appearances.

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