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Style Adjustments Meghan Markle Will Have To Make As A Member Of The Royal Family

With Meghan Markle joining the royal family in spring next year, all eyes are on her and a lot of questions are tugging at the hearts of people around the world.

Photo Credit: SpiceUKOnline

Whatever may come her way next year, one thing is for sure– Meghan Markle is about to become a fashion and style icon around the world. She will join the ranks of royals before here like Princess Diana and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge.

In light of this, here are some fashion and style adjustments she will have to make that you may not have known about.

  • Cleavage is a No-No

As a member of the royal family, showing cleavage is not allowed. Women of the royal family are considered to be examples of the uttermost decency and even the slightest peek of the breasts could cause a huge scandal. Mistakes could happen sometimes–for example when someone bends or wants to step out of a car– depending on the dress you’re wearing. However, these mistakes are best planned for in advance and steps are taken to make sure they don’t happen

  • Goodbye Colourful Nail Polish

This is a simple and as direct as it sounds. At royal events, only natural looking nail polish is allowed for the royal women. In the past, Kate Middleton and Princess Diana have worn pale pink or clear polishes on their nails and have never deviated from that. Even the Queen has been wearing the same nail polish colour for over two decades.

This doesn’t mean they can’t it in the comfort of their homes, they just aren’t allowed at official functions.

  •   Little Boys Wear Shorts

This doesn’t directly apply to Meghan directly but we assume that in a couple of years we might have a child running around. If this child happens to be a boy, he isn’t allowed to wear trousers until he is about eight or nine years old. At this age, the wearing of trousers is a sign that he is approaching manhood.

  • Coats Stay On At All Times In Public

Taking off coats in public is deemed unladylike and is unexpected of a princess or duchess. So for public events, Meghan will have to wear her coats at all times as long as she’s outside.

  • No Bare Legs

The Queen requires all members of the royal family to wear tights at all royal events. So even if you see someone wearing a mid-length dress, the person is definitely wearing a pantyhose so the legs aren’t actually bare.

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