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Creating A Personal Style For Less

Style is mostly confused with fashion in countless situations and the former is, in reality, not the same with the latter. Style is a personal expression of one’s fashion ideals and preferences. I personally opt for a mix of retro fashion with modern day pieces that match. The edge to a personal style is staying true to one’s elements as well as being comfortable. Wearing climate unfriendly pieces that might is quite a discomfort to anyone; whether or not your style preference requires these staples.

These tips below, the creation of a personal style without breaking the bank should be a facile affair.


Nothings beats the power of knowledge in any sphere. With the right research, one is able to understand what is needed in this quest for a personalized style and know what is absolutely unnecessary. Read style blogs, follow trends either via fashion weeks or style reports or by scouring the internet for things that have the “YOU” effect. Effective utilization of the internet or even tapping into a few tips from a style conversation, which is cost free, can go a long way and in the end, there is a formwork laid for this proposed style on which every other addition would rest upon.

Hunting Suitable Pieces.

Having finished with the rule books and style guides, the next step is looking for things that vibe with your preference. This is the fun part of personal style creation but when confusion sets in, the fun level becomes zero. Style staples are not so hard to find as it all depends on where one is looking.  I mostly find things that suit my style in my father’s closet where I shop for N0.00k. With the right style knowledge and mindset to make things work, looking in the most unlikely places actually fetches you what you desire and can also help you save more. Since not everyone might have a “closet of all the things I need” to run to, shopping habits also need to be watched. In buying clothes, look for pieces that are flexible and time transitional, and pieces that you would love to wear every other day rather than strictly occasional ones that would leave holes in your pocket. Looking in this direction keeps away wants and draws a style enthusiast’s eyes to his style basics and when done right, it reduces wardrobe clutter and assuredly, keeps things under a good budget.

Style (2)

The Power of Matching.

Once you have obtained these pieces the duty now falls on your matching power. In matching outfits, the following need to be comprehended:

– Body Type

– Body Shape

– Colour Palettes

– Skin Tone

– Current Weather

– Destinations

– Mood

Style (1)

The above listed parameters all rely on effective research and the apt pieces you have chosen for your style journey.


Consistency is the longevity meter of all things and so after researching hard, buying wise and matching well, one is able to live his/ her style story to a high degree only if consistency is brought into the mix. So with time, one can switch up the basics into a more dynamic flow and with this projection of future dynamism, your personal style and consistency gradually becomes a lifestyle.


Style is such a fun subject; a blend of the dynamic, static and to some extent unpredictable. Regardless where you stand, giving your style a twist or total renewal is not such a bad idea. Retro- Recent might change for me tomorrow but the basis of creating that style would continue to have an effect on my future style choice.

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