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Picking The Right Foundation For Your Undertone

How many times have you randomly picked up a makeup product thinking it goes with your complexion and ended up looking ashy or extremely red? Whether it’s your foundation, lipstick or blush you won’t be able to find the perfect product until the time you are not aware of your undertone.

Once you know and understand your skin undertone you can land the perfect makeup shades that actually suit you perfectly. Here’s a quick method below:

Firstly, you need to find your undertone…

We can divide undertone into three categories:
1) Cool
2) Warm
3) Neutral

Then for the right foundation for the correct undertone

1)  Cool Undertone
Check your wrist. If you have a cool undertone, the veins on your wrist are mostly blue or purple and you have red or pink hues.
Silver jewellery looks better on you rather than gold and your skin turns tomato red in the sun. Talk about being sun burnt!

2) Warm Undertone
If you are warm, the veins on your wrists have a greenish tinge and you have yellowish, gold or peach hues. if you have brown undertones, gold jewellery tends to look better than silver as your skin tends to turn golden brown in the sun.

3) Neutral Undertone
Your undertone is neutral  if the veins on your wrist are a mix of green purple and blues. A little bit of sun, and you get the perfect bronze tanned look. Almost everything suits you. Both gold and silver jewellery make you look gorgeous and your skin is a mix of gold and pinkish hues.

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