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Tackling Ageing Among Nigerians With Healthy Living: Skin Expert Recommends Lots Of Fruits, Vegetables Containing Anti-Oxidants And Water

Ageing is a fact of life, but looking old is not, says Howard Murad, a United States of American (USA) trained pharmacist and dermatologist.
According to a Bloomberg study conducted in 2015, Nigeria is the most stressful country in the world, and research has shown that chronic stress accelerates premature ageing by shortening DNA telomeres.

It is also a known fact that people who are stressed over long periods tend to look haggard, and it is commonly thought that psychological stress leads to premature ageing and the earlier onset of the diseases of ageing.

However, despite the many challenges that Nigerians are faced with that invariably causes stress and premature ageing, there is a way out, according to Oluwaseyi Ogunsi, brand manager at Montaigne Place Spa who spoke with The Guardian recently at the launch of Murad products: Revitalixir Recovery Serum and Retinol Serum.


According to her, Revitalixir is a treatment that attacks wrinkles and fine lines, while Retinol serum is an anti-ageing product that helps to fight signs of ageing. “It targets majorly lines and wrinkles and helps to give a youthful look, polish away dullness and give vibrancy to the skin.

She added that to achieve a flawless is an encompassing exercise that involves day-to-day activities of the individual.

“Your skin is the outward representation of your inner health. So, if you are healthy on the inside it shows on your skin. If you have a lot of toxins on the inside, your skin becomes dull and hydrated. The manufacturer of these products has a holistic approach to skincare and beauty, as he is not just particular about putting cream on your skin alone. He is also concerned about the diet that you eat, so he encourages a lot of fruits and vegetables that are filled with anti-oxidant and water, such as watermelon, apples and pineapple, the regular fruits that we eat.”

On her part, Head, Brand and Marketing team at Montigne Place, Uche, emphasised on the need for healthy skin among Nigerians, stressing that the skin is the mirror to one’s health.

“One can look at your skin and tell how healthy you are so for that reasons, there is a need for formulations to help take care of your skin and beyond that, living a healthy lifestyle is key. For instance, eating healthy, this means eating meals that are rich in water, this will help you to have healthy-looking skin, help retain water in your cells and give you a good feel and look.

She added that according to Dr Murad, there are four pillars of connecting beauty. “Nourishing your skin; the things you apply on it; engaging in exercises, you awaken your body by working-out, this will make you to break some sweat pulse.

“Engaging in things that make you happy and feel good. The regular lifestyle of every person is a busy one, so behind the stressful lifestyle, do you have time to really give yourself a treat and make yourself happy? Sometimes you may not even need to do the extravagant things, but the time you spend with family and friends also matters a lot. Things that just relaxes your mind and give you comfort goes a long way to help you have healthy skin.

“It’s all connected, what you eat, how you feel and what you apply to your skin, are all connected to looking good,” she says.

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