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Teacher Suspended After Casting Bi-racial Students As Slaves To Be Beaten In School Play

A teacher in Connecticut has been suspended after casting two Bi-racial students as slaves in a school play, in which they would be whipped by other children as part of their role according to report by The Daily Mail.

Carmen and Joshua Parker, the parents of a fifth-grade bi-racial 10-year-old girl, are furious that their daughter was cast as a slave in a school play at West Woods Elementary School in Hamden.


The father was furious at the action of the teacher:

‘I was trying to make sense of the whipping of the children, the children were going to be whipping the slaves’

The mother added:

‘The scene starts with nameless slaves one and two getting pushed towards the ship by the slave owner and a child is acting as the slave owner.’

The teacher involved was suspended from the school in light of their complaint but the couple feels it’s not enough.

They said they are hoping for a ‘plan of action’ as they feel the school district doesn’t respond appropriately to racist incidents.

A leaflet for the play is titled, ‘A Triangle of Trade: The Colonial Slave Trade’, and features an image of rowers transporting slaves on a canoe boat towards European ships.

The ‘triangular’ trade is a term used to describe the movement of slaves, raw materials and manufactured goods between Britain, the Caribbean, and Africa before British Abolition.

Dr. Parker stated that she has no problem with the script, however, using a play to explore the issues of colonialism was misguided, as was to cast two of the slave characters with black children.

After the discovery that their 10-year-old had been cast as one of the slaves, they took the issue to the school principal. They said all the help he gave was a four-minute phone conversation.

Other parents are in support of the Parkers and pledged their solidarity.

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