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The Gentleman’s Guide To Styling A Tie

The necktie or simply put, the tie is the emblem of the gentleman. When worn correctly, a tie is like a signature at the end of a letter – the finishing touch.

And there is a tie for every gentleman. The gentleman knows he can’t just throw any type of tie around his neck, here are some things he considers before styling a tie:

Body Proportion

Did you know that your body type determines the type of tie you should put on? Different tie widths suit different body shapes.

A broad man should consider a slightly wider tie to match his larger shoulders. Slim ties suit skinnier guys because it complements their body type – just make sure your shirt collar is smaller in proportion, too.



Colour is the spice of fashion. You can’t just throw in any splash of colour – except you want to be the clown of the party, of course.

One cardinal rule that works when choosing a tie colour is the tie should be at least one shade darker than the shirt it’s paired with.


The “dress for the occassion” rule also applies to styling a ties.

Below are some popular types of ties and where you can wear then to.

Ascot Tie

An Ascot Tie is a narrow band that is wrapped around the neck with wings that are wide and point outwards. The Ascot Tie is worn on formal occasions.

Bow Tie

The bow tie is a ribbon made of fabric and is tied around the collar in a way which allows the two opposing ends to form a type of loop. Bow ties are worn primarily along with the traditional tuxedo

Mike Edwards Photo: Every Every NG

Skinny Tie

The skinny tie is primarily traditional but has a shorter width. The skinny tie appeals more to younger men and can be styled for both formal and informal occassions.

Traditional Tie

This is your traditional tie you see most people wearing.

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