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Therapy with Tems

Tems, Photo. Instagram

Tems values her independence. The 26-year-old alt-R&B singer navigates her life and communicates her music through that titillating state of mind that allows us to be as real and true to ourselves as we possibly can.


Her music had a softly gritty, yet absolutely tender sound that went along with her lyricism, which was both thoughtful and accomplished. Tems’ (real name Temilade Openiyi) approach to music-making is as much spiritual practice and a relentless return to her own memories as it is. It serves as a connecting link for listeners who can relate to it.

For someone who’s lived for 25 years. Tem comes off as a wise sage/monk. Her music and lyrics speak volumes about her personal experiences as well as how the world around us has changed.

Tems music is a spiritual key that unlocks the shackles the new world has put on us. In the 21st-century people are faced with depression, past traumas, anxiety and other mental health issues. Tems ‘Damages’ inspires the youth to accept the ‘damages’ that have happened and build from them and rise to the occasion.

Tems also advises us to run our own race. We shouldn’t compare ourselves to others but focus on our own personal growth.

Essence was literally an overnight success. Megastar Wizkid and Tems tag teams to create this masterpiece. ‘Essence’ has been applauded by some of the greatest musicians on the globe. Even the legendary hip hop veteran Snoop Dogg vibes with Essence. Snoop Dogg shares a snippet on Instagram, jamming to essence.

Essence is a healing song for ‘Toxic Love’. Tems and Wizkid create a wonderful hook. In this track, Wizkid and Tems speak of true love and discourage the cheating and games that is greatly applauded by today’s society.

Try Me
Tems tracks are not premeditated. She gets inspiration from literally how she is feeling at the moment or what kind of (mental)space she’s in at the moment.

This allows her to make timeless music because nothing speaks to the heart like good food and words of affirmation. On ‘Try Me’ Tems rises from the ashes to become the phoenix the world has come to know and love.

Free Mind
Being very spiritual, Tems is very in touch with her self-awareness and never shies away in expressing her feelings through her music. On ‘Free Mind’ she literally imparts her essence on the track. Tems music has the power to transfer emotions. If you ever feel alone or confused, Tems should be at the top of your playlist.

Her raw emotions surge through her tracks invoking strong feelings to any listener.

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