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Tips for Going On A Romantic Trip

The only thing more fun than going on a vacation is going on a trip with someone you care very deeply about. Every couple should go on a romantic trip together as often as possible. Just to be with themselves and fall in love again, if not for anything else.

It’s easy to go on a romantic trip and fall into acting like it’s just another trip, or worse, a business trip, so here are a few things you should keep in mind when vacationing with a loved one.

  1. Preplanning is everything. Of course you’re going to go somewhere you’ve never been before. If you must go somewhere you’ve already been to, it has to be somewhere that holds fond memories for BOTH of you. It CAN NOT be somewhere you’ve been to with an ex. To avoid making mistakes you’ll probably regret later, it’s usually best to plan together and pick somewhere that sounds fun for both of you. This is why surprise trips aren’t always such a wonderful idea.
  2. Hotel rooms can sometimes be not very conducive and not at all romantic, depending on the reservations you make. It helps to pack your own romantic stuff. Perfumes, scented candles, oils you can massage each other with, bubble bath, that kind of stuff. The little things always give these trips a subtle boost.
  3. This isn’t just any trip. The whole point of it is being together, so be together. Don’t swap the romance of it all for “efficiency”. Having one person handling one task, like checking luggage, while the other does something else, like maybe getting a car, may speed things up, but it takes away from your time together and isn’t really romantic. Avoid stress by traveling light and being early.
  4. Make your arrival as romantic as you possibly can. Some hotels give you special treatment if they know it’s a romantic trip, so see if you can arrange some champagne or wine ready in the room upon your arrival. And make sure you get a king-size bed.
  5. If you’re visiting somewhere new, it’s likely you want to take time to take in all the sites and go exploring, and this is great. But, you should essentially avoid moving from hotel to hotel. Constantly being on the move takes away from your together time, so only see what you both want to see and go where you both want to go.
  6. Live in the moment. The past is gone, and the best way to handle the future is to deal with the present. Forget all your worries and concerns and pending assignments and just enjoy the wind, the sunset, the food, and, most importantly, the company.
  7. Little things can creep in and ruin a perfectly good trip so, as hard as it might be, try to avoid apportioning blame when something goes wrong. If you can’t laugh it off, blame someone else instead of each other. Nothing should ruin the romance.
  8. Try to experience new things together. Do something you wouldn’t normally do back home. These create memories that last forever and ever; especially if the activity is a first for both of you.
  9. During your trip, pick up a souvenir or two that will remind you both of the amazing time you had. It doesn’t have to be something expensive. You can get a lot of great affordable and unique souvenirs.

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