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Travel Destination Rwanda – Eight reasons to visit the green country

What’s going on there? Why Rwanda? Is the country safe? These are the frequently asked questions to anyone who wants to visit the country. These questions are enough to second guess that decision and abort that trip. On my end, concerns by loved ones made the articles and photos online feel exaggerated. Maybe the country isn’t safe after all?

Kigali the capital city, is known as the greenest and cleanest city in Africa so why not Rwanda? Despite the dissenting opinions, I embarked on a four-day adventure to one of the best African countries yet! It was nothing short of amazing. If Rwanda is still struggling at the bottom of your travel bucket list or isn’t there at all, then you need a change of heart.  Rwanda is a must visit and here is why…

Short and affordable flights

A trip to Kigali from Lagos takes about four hours 30 minutes and there are flights every day of the week.
The national carrier, RwandAir, recently launched daily flights from Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos at very affordable rates. Prior to this, flights were three times a week. This was one of the reasons Rwanda was a destination of choice. The fact that you can take a direct flight to a travel destination is always very encouraging!  

Visa on arrival

Nigerians who intend to visit Rwanda do not have to go through the hassle of applying for visas. With $30 and lots of questions, you get a visa once you arrive the Kigali International Airport. However, if you intend to do an East Africa tour, there is the option of purchasing a single tourist visa for Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya at $100.

RwandaExtremely clean and green

It’s no exaggeration, Kigali is the cleanest and greenest African city I have visited. When I enquired, I found out that the government encourages citizens to plant trees/grass in their homes and need a permit to cut down any tree. It is also a crime to walk on lawns in Kigali and you get fined $2 if you are caught walking on one.

Hospitable people

The tagline “Remarkable Rwanda” is apt as the Rwandans are truly impressive. The country and its people have come a long way from the genocide in 1994 and now live in peace and harmony. They are very welcoming to tourists and are always willing to help.

Gorgeous landscapes

The land of 1,000 hills lives up to the greenery expectations with exceptionally gorgeous landscapes! The entire country is spread across various hills with abundant green. Potatoes, carrots, kale, chard, tea, cassava, sugarcane, coffee and passion fruit are key crops grown in Rwanda.

Get first-hand information on the Rwandan genocide

These horrific killings, aimed at wiping out an entire tribe, is easily one of the worst massacres to happen on the African continent in recent times. With genocide museums spread across the country, the Rwandan people have documented this ugly past to the very last detail so the world can learn from it. Kigali Genocide Memorial is a must visit for everyone.

See the critically endangered mountain gorillas

If you are an animal and nature lover, you’ll know that Rwanda is home to one third of the world’s population of mountain gorillas (the others are in Congo and Uganda)! There are only less than 800 mountain gorillas in the world and they can only survive in the wild. This means that to enjoy this one of a kind experience, you’ll have to “visit” them at home. Gorilla trekking is a major attraction in Rwanda and you are required to obtain a permit.

Visit one of Africa’s greatest lakes

You get the opportunity to visit or sail across one of Africa’s great lakes, Lake Kivu which lies on the border between Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. This was definitely a major highlight during my trip to Rwanda.
Ayomofe Rusewe for Naija Nomads, a travel platform that assists and promotes destinations all over the world.

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