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How To Use Tumeric For Acne And Scar Treatment

If you have stubborn acne or a scar that has refused to leave, this can be very disturbing and at times, can reduce one’s self-esteem especially cases where the acne is big and very obvious.

For cases like this, we will be sharing some tips which can help in reducing acne and clear scars.


The first important thing is cleanliness, before sleeping at night, ensure you shower, it is better if warm water is used to clean the face as this loosens sebum build-up and cleanses dirt particles in pores. Also, avoid the use of medicated soap all the time; this can be too harsh on your skin.

Towel dry face
Also, when drying your face, do not rub towel all over the face as this will be too harsh, rather, gently pat your face dry with a very clean towel. Also, the towel used for the face can be different from the one used for the body, this ensures absolute cleanliness.

Apply a homemade face mask
In addition, different things can be used as a face mask; however, the familiar one is the use of tumeric powder, honey and sugar. The three ingredients will be mixed together to become a paste, after the mixture, It will be applied gently on the face or where the scar is. This helps in removing dead cells and ensuring new ones have space to grow, calms the skin and prevents acne breakout.

Leave for a few minutes
After this paste has been applied, leave on the face for a few minutes. This can be for fifteen to twenty minutes; the time frame enables the paste to circulate well.

Wash off
After the paste has circulated well, the face can be cleaned with very mild soap and warm water. The paste does not wash off easily, so you have to be gentle and patient till the paste totally leaves your face. After this, you gently dry your face with a towel.

Repeat process
Lastly, this process can be repeated twice a week. Ensure your face is adequately moisturized after with tea tree oil, coconut oil, fenugreek oil or rose water. There is bound to be changes within a month if this is done religiously.

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