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Urban Vibes London Taking Over As The Most Reliable Fashion Vendor

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12 August 2022   |   12:36 pm
Urban vibes London taking over as the most reliable Fashion Vendor Where all Quality Fashion Needs Are Met; Ranging From Women's Heels, Sandals, High Heels and Women Mules .

Where all Quality Fashion Needs Are Met; Ranging From Women’s Heels, Sandals, High Heels and Women’s Mules

Urban vibes London is taking over as the most reliable Fashion Vendor Where all Quality Fashion Needs Are Met; Ranging From Women’s Heels, Sandals, High Heels and Women’s Mules .

It has been emphasised greatly the benefits of enhancing one’s look especially when it concerns all women and men as well. A woman’s look /appearance speaks volumes of her personality and achievement, and that’s the reason it has constantly maintained the first point of attraction.  Both men and women admire a great look in dressing/fashion.

And in pursuit of acquiring or attaining the footwear which is the most necessary fashion feature that enhances a great fashion sense, as well as a great feature in our wardrobe; many women end up acquiring diverse footwear made with substandard materials repeatedly with the mindset and goal that they are getting a good deal of shoes. 

Most of the numerous shoes out there has diverse defects which makes it difficult for the consumers to enjoy comfort and longevity after each purchases of women footwear. These defects ranges from tears, constant peeling, stains and discolouration over a short period, problem of the footwear not firmly sewed or cemented- leading to loosening in no time, as well as bad heel/broken heels after first wear, to mention a few.

And due to the competitive nature dominant in the footwear industry, most brands in a bid to meet the constant demands of the consumers, tends to rush their productions – (delivering quantities rather than quality) which ends up resulting in the defects explained above.

To inhibit women from falling into the lure of purchasing a substandard/non-quality footwear without knowledge of it, Urbanvibes London has taken the initiative of partnering with the top brands in the world: and as such, the brand is taking over as the most reliable vendor In Nigeria and overseas, to give you all the quality and comfort expectations you have when purchasing your footwear.

Urbanvibes London is an authorised dealer of brands such as: ASOS, Prettylittlething, Dune London, Boo hoo, Zara, Ted Baker, New Look, Public desire, amongst other authentic international brands you can think of. This is so as to best deliver quality and unique styles of shoes to its clientele.

In the same vein, Urbanvibes London gives its customers the benefit of enjoying an international warranty for every item purchased from their website or store, as well as a money-back guarantee within 30 days of return – no shoe vendors have ever done this!

Hence, as a woman who desires quality, durability, comfort, and perfect fit, longevity, style and versatility in women’s heels, sandals, high women’s heels, women’s mules, and slippers; your go-to vendor is Urbanvibes London.

Incredibly, this vendor factors in their customers’ satisfaction as their priority, hence they’ve carefully sorted, and has partnered with the top brands to give you the solutions you deserve in every of your work shoe need, dinner heels, block heel, et al; be it in wide feet, or wide width –  availing you with great comfort and styles.

With Urbanvibes London women’s shoes and women’s heels, you will always have the complete enhancement of your looks, thus you will always be addressed and described as a phenomenal woman.

Urbanvibes London likewise serves hot deals and a great buy for the Male folks as well. The brand is set out to make both genders look sophisticated, and unique in styles as it relates to everything fashion needs.

It is really incredible how a vendor has carefully selected top authentic brands in the world and has partnered as their authorised dealer so as to be able to serve the distinctive fashion needs of both genders respectively, yet delivering top-notch quality and comfort in styles. Urban Vibes London is so keen on giving you “VALUE” for your every Kobo /dime spent.

Don’t just place an order online or buy shoes that after wearing it for a day will cause you enormous pain in either of the legs due to poor fitting, or any other challenges encountered after we’ve spent so heavily purchasing these fashion items – Remembering the prevailing fact that you can’t return it or even have it exchanged in most these vendors. Why not then go for the vendor that offers guarantee, comfort, and style in delivering their fashion footwear and accessories?

Urban vibes London therefore would love you to join thousands of satisfied customers who had repeatedly enjoy the great benefits of urban vibes. The brand has amassed great number of followers on the gram for their authenticity and reliability in delivering fashion footwear and accessories.

The following includes few of what the brand has served, and is still serving its great number of clientele:

  • Women heels 
  • Women heels for wide feet
  • Women comfortable heels 
  • Designer shoes for both women and men 
  • Women block heels and work heels
  • Women Dinner heels 
  • Mens designer two piece
  • Mens outfits: Trousers, Shirts, Shorts, co-ords
  • Dinner purse/clutch 
  • Wedding purses 
  • Women designers Bags, Sandals, amongst others.


With Urbanvibes London; you will no longer experience the challenges faced by many women, and men when purchasing fashion wears and accessories. As those problems and defects has been erased completely. All that is required when you shop unique women heels and sandals from urbanvibes London is to show-up everyday fully representing. Just show up at work, events, occasion, malls and award show in great styles and comfort all day long; expressing the phenomenal YOU, and at the same time spreading positive Urbanvibes London!!!