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What Are Your Love Languages?

Love languages have been heavily researched over the decades and although there are many who do not believe in the ideology, it has been proven to have its merits. The love languages are five in total; words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time and physical touch. If you’re having a hard time figuring out what your primary love language(s) is, here is a quick test that may help.


You are feeling a little down, so you’d really like your partner to:

  1. Say, ‘I know it’s hard and I admire your courage’
  2. Come home early to spend a cosy evening with you
  3. Offer you a surprise weekend of relaxation
  4. Take you in their arms and make you forget it all

In general, you don’t like it when your partner:

  1. Criticises what you do
  2. Is always thinking about their work or material things
  3. Never gives you any presents
  4. Doesn’t kiss you when entering or leaving the house

The Five Love Languages Photo: Clipart Library

You’ve finally got the promotion you’ve been after. You announce the news to your partner, who:

  1. Brags all about you to their friends and colleagues
  2. Comes to pick you up from the office to take you out for dinner
  3. Offers to take you away for the weekend, just the two of you
  4. Greets you with a passionate kiss that begins a memorable evening

Your partner’s birthday is coming up soon. How are you preparing for it?

  1. You send them a sensual email or text
  2. You secretly organise a huge surprise party with all their friends
  3. When you’re out shopping, you make a note of all the things that they like
  4. You buy some essential oils, ready to offer them a surprise massage on the day


MOSTLY 1: Your primary love language is words of affirmation. Words can make or break your world.

MOSTLY 2: You lean towards acts of service and quality time. Having a busy partner is your worst nightmare.

MOSTLY 3: Your primary love language is receiving gifts. You adore and cherish everything your partner gives you.

MOSTLY 4: Nothing matters to you more than the touch of your partner. It’s your strongest connection to him/her

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