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Woman To Marry Serial Killer On Death Row Who Sliced His Own Penis

Nikko Jenkins

Nikko Jenkins | Omaha Police Department

When nine times Grammy award-winning singer, Rihanna sang “We Found Love” and talked about finding love in the ‘strangest place’ we are sure what you are about to read is definitely not one of the scenarios she had in mind.

A 46-year-old Texas woman Dawn Arguello is reportedly planning to marry a 35-year-old four-time killer Nikko Jenkins,

According to a report by the Omaha World-Herald published last weekend, Arguelo fell for Jenkins while volunteering for an inmate advocacy group.


Jenkins was sentenced to death for killing four people during an eight-day shooting spree in Nebraska back in August 2013.

The convicted killer went on the shooting spree less than two weeks after he was released from prison for a separate spate of carjackings.

It is gathered that  Arguello refused to issue a confirmation or denial when asked about the nuptials by a reporter from Omaha World-Herald.

Instead, she describes him as  ‘very sensitive’ and ‘very intelligent’ as against being described as a ‘psychopath’ by a psychiatrist. Speaking about her soon-to-be husband, she says:

“He’s not what the media has made him out to be. He’s an enigma. He has feelings. He’s very sensitive. He’s very intelligent and, yes, he’s very manipulating.”

Dawn Arguello-Chavez

Dawn Arguello-Chavez | Facebook

While unbothered about his dark past, Arguello is annoyed that he has tattooed her name, ‘Dawn’ on his head.

‘I was very [ticked] off that he did that – he doesn’t need to be self-mutilating like that,’ she stated.

It is noteworthy that Jenkins has made a habit of tattooing and self-mutilating his body while in prison.

In 2015, he carved ‘666’ into his forehead. However, he used a mirror and the numbers came out backwards.

Also, he once sliced through his tongue and penis to make them resemble snakes as homage to the Egyptian serpent God Apophis that he says he worships.

He is reported to have then smeared the blood over his cell walls and reportedly carried out some of his mutilations to claim insanity at trial.

He required 27 stitches for his sliced penis and nine stitches for his tongue.

Although it is unclear what Arguello and Jenkins bonded over, she appears to have an active interest in prison life. Not only does she belong to a prison advocacy group, on her Facebook profile, but she also lists Letters From Death Row as her favourite film.

She also enjoys the television programs Court TV, Life and Death Row, and Death Rows Stories.

She further lists of her favourite books is Real Life Monsters: A Psychological Examination of the Serial Murderer.

Nikko Jenkins

Nikko Jenkins | AP

In August 2013, Jenkins shot and killed Juan Uribe-Pena and Jorge Cajiga-Ruizon using a sawed-off 12-gauge shotgun just days after he was released from prison.

His sister, Erica Jenkins, and a cousin, Christine Bordeaux, lured the two men into a park on the pretence of performing sex acts in the Omaha park. Their bodies were later found inside a pickup truck.

Eight days later, Jenkins and his sister killed Curtis Bradford, a one-time prison acquaintance.

And finally, Jenkins pulled Andrea Kruger from her SUV as she drove home from work on August 21 and shot her four times before speeding off in her vehicle.

He was apprehended a short time later.

It remains unclear how often Arguello and Jenkins meet considering the convicted killer is incarcerated in Nebraska – some distance from Arguello’s hometown of Lubbock, Texas. Also, inmates at the prison are forbidden from conjugal visits.

Time will tell what will become of this romance but if Arguello has her way, it surely will be till death row do them part.

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